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My Bucket List- 10x10 Challenge Day 2

April 26, 2021 Carla Diaz Episode 39
The Joyful Energetic Mama Podcast
My Bucket List- 10x10 Challenge Day 2
Show Notes

Do you have a bucket list? While there are so many things I want to do and places I want to experience, I've never actually written a bucket list before. This episode really stretched my thinking and gave me clarity on what it means to dream BIG. Listen to it and I'm sure it will do the same for you!

Hello, friend! I'm doing the 10x10 challenge! This is Day 2. For the next 9 days I’ll be sharing with you 1 podcast episode that is 10 minutes or less.
Here's how you can help me out: Make sure to subscribe to the show so you can cheer me on every day and hold me accountable! With your support, I know I can totally do this!

For the next 10 days The Joyful Energetic Mama Podcast will be stripped. That means No:

  • Show notes
  • Prerecorded intro
  • Sponsored message
  • Podcast music, and
  • No elaborate editing (This is a definite inside perk!!)

It's just gonna be me talking to you about a different topic every day. Are you ready?

Day 2: My Bucket List.... What's in it?  Listen to find out more!  And when you're done listening, let me know your thoughts! You can write a review on Apple Podcasts detailing your biggest takeaway and what your five lives would be. I really want to know!

You can also send me a DM on IG at: @joyfulenergeticmamapodcast or @heycarladiaz

Are you a podcaster that wants in on the 10x10 challenge? Here's all the deets.

See ya tomorrow for Day 3, It's gonna be SO GOOD!