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Should you exercise during your period?

July 22, 2021 Carla Diaz Episode 55
The Joyful Energetic Mama Podcast
Should you exercise during your period?
Show Notes

Friend, should you exercise during your period? I know it’s tempting to push yourself and ignore how your body feels. BUT, is that really in your best interest?

Diet culture encourages us to workout as intensely as possible so that we can rev up our metabolism. And it also shames us when we can’t keep up.  It's easy to feel defeated when you're body can't keep up with these rigid expectations.

Your body is working extra hard during menstruation. When we consider that exercise places added stress on your body, that means exercising during your period really taxes your system. 

So should you rest during your bleed? Maybe. Tune in to find out more!

>> In this episode, I talk about Alexandria King's The Moon in You: A Period Book for Girls. To find out more about Alexandria's work as well as how to purchase this book go to:
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