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Nika Lawrie

The Conscious Living Podcast with Host Nika Lawrie is all about living your best life and leaving this world a little better than we found it. Hi, I'm Nika and I'm on a personal mission to heal people and the planet, and I want to bring you along on my journey. Join me each week for interviews with world-renowned experts on the topics of health, nutrition, personal development, non-toxic and eco-friendly living, sustainability, and how human health and planet health are completely intertwined. I also drop masterclasses on specific health, wellness, and sustainability topics so you can learn about complex issues, in a simple and easy-to-understand way. The shows are always fun, enlightening, and insightful, so you’ll walk away ready to implement what you’ve learned and inspired to heal your body and the planet! You can watch the video versions of the interviews on YouTube or subscribe to the podcast version of the shows on iTunes and Spotify. I would LOVE your support through a review on iTunes and comment and subscribe on YouTube to keep bumping the ranking and spread the message to even more people. Thank you! Xx ~Nika Learn more and connect:
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