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25: Our Kids Online: Games, Porn and Predators

March 25, 2021 Gemma Gladstone and Justine Corry Episode 25
The Good Mood Clinic Podcast
25: Our Kids Online: Games, Porn and Predators
Show Notes

Today, Jen Hoey joins us as our guest on the podcast. This episode is the first in a series where we will be discussing the dangers that our kids face online. In the series, we will be highlighting some pertinent things that we need to think about and look out for in that area.

Over the years, Jen has developed a passionate interest in the topic of kids online. And she has become knowledgeable about how to protect kids in the online space. Unfortunately, her interest stems from a personal experience with her daughter. In this episode, Jen will tell us the story of that experience to highlight what goes on with kids online.

In response to what happened with her daughter, Jen started a Facebook group called Not My Kid, where she shares lots of information about the problems with our children and their online experiences and how to protect them. Be sure to stay tuned today to hear Jen’s story
and learn how to protect your kids in the online space.

Show highlights:

  • Jen talks about how she came to be in the position of having to go into the world of kids in the the online space.     
  • The healing process for both Jen and her daughter began with Jen writing the story of what had happened.
  • Jen explains why she started the closed Facebook Group, Not My Kid.
  • Jen’s daughter has recovered well. She and Jen talk about everything now, including porn, se    sexting, and predators.
  • Shame was a big issue for Jen’s daughter after her experience.
  • Parents need to be aware of the risks. And put restrictions in place for the safety of their  children.
  • Forty percent of eight to eleven-year-olds are unsupervised online in Australia.
  • For Jen, the rule of thumb is now that any connection with the outside world brings a risk.
  • Kids need to learn about the risks early. And they should hear about them from their parents  first.
  • Jen discusses the push-back that happened in response to the age verification for online games and pornography.
  • The filters on YouTube are not very robust. Parents should be aware of that.
  • Parents should experiment to see what their children will see. It is invaluable when assessing the risk.
  • For people who watch porn regularly to keep on getting the same level of satisfaction, the material has to become more and more extreme.
  • The way that the porn industry is creating offenders.
  • Jen offers some advice for parents who are concerned after discovering that their child got exposed to child exploitation material.
  • Jen talks about the Cyber Safety Lady.
  • Jen explains why you should be cautious about using the word ‘trust’ when talking to your children.

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General Recommended Books:
Glow Kids, Nicholas Kardaras, PhD
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