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The Good Mood Clinic Podcast

Gemma Gladstone and Justine Corry

A Psychology and Schema Therapy Podcast by Drs Justine Corry and Gemma Gladstone from the Good Mood Clinic in Sydney, Australia. In this podcast, two clinical psychologists take an in-depth look at the common issues their clients bring to therapy and offer listeners new ways to think about their own lives and the people around them. With a mixture of conversations, meditations, case studies and interviews, these two experienced psychologists bring you plenty to think about and loads of valuable ideas and practical tips. Justine Corry, Clinical Psychologist, BSocSc (Hons); MSocSc; MPsychol(Clin); PhD (UNSW). Gemma Gladstone, Advanced Certified Schema Therapist, Trainer and Supervisor (ISST). BA (Hons) GradDip (Psychotherapy); Cert (Clin Hypnosis); PhD (UNSW). Music by Glenn Brace. Artwork by Nigel Sanft
69: Three Signs You Need Better BoundariesNovember 22, 2022 Episode artwork 68. Five Things 'Difficult' Parents DoNovember 09, 2022 Episode artwork Encore Episode: 22: Coming to terms with narcissistic parentsNovember 03, 2022 Episode artwork 67. Schemas and Parenting: How schemas influence our attitudes & responsesOctober 20, 2022 Episode artwork 66. Emotion Coaching our Kids for Schema PreventionOctober 14, 2022 Episode artwork 65: What Is The Healthy Adult Mode In Schema Therapy?September 29, 2022 Episode artwork 64. Am I a 'Rescuer' in my relationships? September 20, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 63: The Mailbox: My Inner Critic Is Called DickSeptember 13, 2022 Episode artwork 62: The Emotional Deprivation SchemaSeptember 05, 2022 Episode artwork 61: How Can I Change My Unrelenting Standards Schema?August 25, 2022 Episode artwork 60: When Good Enough Is Never Enough: The Unrelenting Standards Schema. Part 1August 18, 2022 Episode artwork 59: The Mailbox: When Both Your Parents Are NarcissistsAugust 11, 2022 Episode artwork 58: Why Do I Sabotage My Relationships? What You Need to Know About Your Abandonment SchemaAugust 04, 2022 Episode artwork 57: You Are Not Your DiagnosisJuly 28, 2022 Episode artwork Encore Episode: Coping with Narcissistic Parents: Four Different DynamicsJuly 21, 2022 Episode artwork 56: Why are People Passive-Aggressive?July 13, 2022 Episode artwork 55: Revisiting the Abandonment Schema & Romantic RelationshipsJuly 07, 2022 Episode artwork 54: Understanding the Defectiveness SchemaJune 30, 2022 Episode artwork 53: Dating Fatigue: What you need to do to feel hopeful again!June 23, 2022 Episode artwork 52:Disarming the Narcissist: Being True to Yourself in Dating, Relationships & Other Tough Encounters with Wendy Behary June 16, 2022 Episode artwork 51: Overcoming Schema Chemistry: Breaking Old Relationship Patterns June 09, 2022 Episode artwork 50: Schema Chemistry 101: Uncovering the Hidden Reason Why Your Relationships don't Work OutJune 01, 2022 Episode artwork 49: How to Start Reparenting YourselfMay 18, 2022 Episode artwork 48: People Pleasing & Approval Seeking: Are You Looking for Approval in All the Wrong Places?May 05, 2022 Episode artwork 47: Are You Living a Subjugated Life?April 07, 2022 Episode artwork