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Autism In Real Life

Ilia Walsh, Executive Director of The Spectrum Strategy Group

Autism In Real Life, hosted by Ilia, is dedicated to offering insights into the joys and challenges of living with autism. Are you a parent or educator frustrated with how to best help someone diagnosed on the autism spectrum? Ever wish other people understood what living with autism was like? Want to know what resources and tools exist to better help your child or student? In this podcast, you will hear first hand from other parents, educators, advocates as well as adults on the spectrum share their experiences and expertise. You will learn strategies for learning, employment, relationships, day-to-day living and more. These personal stories and interviews will inspire as well as empower you to try new tools and be a better advocate so you can see the unique gifts and talents of individuals on the autism spectrum fully recognized. Ilia also offers training, workshops, consultations and private coaching. To learn more visit Music & Editing Copyright 2020 Ryan Walsh. To hear more of Ryan's music, you can check out his SoundCloud @TransparentDark

Recent Episodes

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