Living At Your Finest

The Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Well-being with Dr. SiriChand Khalsa

May 13, 2022 Season 2 Episode 68
Living At Your Finest
The Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Well-being with Dr. SiriChand Khalsa
Show Notes

Have you thought about what it takes to achieve sustainable vitality? You might think that whatever it is, it just might be so expensive or time-consuming? Well, I am overjoyed that I have the beautiful Dr. SiriChand Khalsa, Lifestyle and Ayurvedic Coach with me on the Living At Your Finest Podcast Show to discuss how we can boost our self-care practices with the basic beauties of life.

Dr. SiriChand Khalsa has had a life-long interest in mindful living as the basis for the long-term vitality of mind, body, and spirit. Learn more about Dr. Khalsa:

Highlights of this episode:
✨ Understanding the mind-spirit-body connection
✨ How to naturally cultivate a deeper fulfillment in life through basic lifestyle habits.

You don't want to miss this juicy episode, I promise it would be worth your time. Please share with others as well so we can all get #healthiertogether. 

Cheers to a Life filled with Deep Connections. 🥂

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