Living At Your Finest

The Power of Healthy Habits with Dr. Jonathan Bonnet

June 24, 2022 Drs. Dolapo Babalola and Jonathan Bonnet Season 2 Episode 71
Living At Your Finest
The Power of Healthy Habits with Dr. Jonathan Bonnet
Show Notes

Patient: So what am I about to lose once I embark upon a healthy lifestyle?

Dr. Babs: Actually you are going to gain so much more than you will lose. Consider what it will feel like to be vibrant, whole, and healthy in your joints, gut, brain, etc. The list goes on and on.

Patient: Well when you say it that way. I am ready to learn more. 

Dr. Babs: Awesome! Let's talk

On this week's episode of the LIVING AT YOUR FINEST PODCAST SHOW, I am thrilled to have the wonderful, Dr. Jonathan Bonnet, co-author of the Lifestyle Medicine Handbook join me as a guest to provide insightful nuggets about The Power of Healthy Habits. He is a board-certified Family, Sports, Obesity, and Lifestyle medicine physician who works at the Palo Alto VA. Dr. Bonnet has a background in exercise physiology and is a certified personal trainer.

Dr. Bonnet and I had discussions around
✨ How to incorporate healthy habits into your personal life and/or professional life
✨ How to better evaluate or gauge your lifestyle habits and health behaviors

Learn more about Dr. Jonathan Bonnet:;;

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