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Steps To Promote Health among Minority Populations with Dr. Obinna Oriaku

July 22, 2022 Drs. Dolapo Babalola and Obinna Oriaku Episode 73
Living At Your Finest
Steps To Promote Health among Minority Populations with Dr. Obinna Oriaku
Show Notes

How can we bridge the gap in health disparity within communities of color? We are only as strong as our communities, so how about extensive education about preventative measures and skillset to follow through with achievable actions.

I am pleased to have minority health advocate Dr. Obinna Oriaku, Founder and CEO of Crown Clinic, P. A., a primary care practice based in Charlotte, NC join us on the LIVING AT YOUR FINEST PODCAST. His special interests include healthcare delivery in resource-challenged populations and bridging gaps in healthcare disparity in target populations.

Our discussions were around
✨ The focus on minority healthcare.
✨ The future of healthcare in the communities of color.
✨ What are the solutions?

Connect with Dr. Oriaku:
IG: socrates_md; crownclinicpa; theminorityhealthreportwithdro

Please join in the conversation and take a listen. Please don't stop there; share with others so we can be proactive rather than reactive at improving our health and wellbeing.

Cheers to Bridging the Gap in Health Disparity. 🥂

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