Living At Your Finest

The One Medication That Isn't Advertised Enough

September 30, 2022 DR.BABS Season 2 Episode 76
Living At Your Finest
The One Medication That Isn't Advertised Enough
Show Notes

If someone told you that there is one medication that can prevent, treat, and reverse chronic diseases, would you like to hear more about it? I would, and I bet you would as well. 

So why aren't Health Insurance companies talking about this super medication? And by the way, this super medication has no side effects.  

In this episode of the LIVING AT YOUR FINEST PODCAST, I discuss: 
✨ What is the one medication?
✨ The Reason why Health Insurance isn't sharing about this super medication?
✨  How can we become self-advocates?

I hope you will tune in to hear about this super medication, and I hope you will share your thoughts about this matter. This is the time to have these deep conversations to help us achieve healthier communities. Please do share this episode within your circle of influence. #SharingisCaring. 

Cheers to Advocating for Our Optimal Health.🥂

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