Living At Your Finest

The Healing Power of Nutritious Food

November 11, 2022 Dr. Dolapo Babalola and Coach Joanna Wen Season 2 Episode 78
Living At Your Finest
The Healing Power of Nutritious Food
Show Notes

Is it possible to lose weight or maintain weight wellness without food deprivation?

My lovely guest, Coach Joanna Wen, Founder of Spices and Greens, joins me on this episode of LIVING AT YOUR FINEST PODCAST to answer the question and discuss: 
3 simple and actionable food hacks to reduce emotional sweets cravings.
Bust the myth that you must work out to lose or maintain weight.

Joanna Wen is a weight loss coach that helps busy moms lose weight permanently, healthily, and sustainably.
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🌟Cheers to Thriving on Nutritious Foods. 🌟

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