Living At Your Finest

How To Use Food as Medicine

April 10, 2023 Drs. Dolapo Babalola, Shayla Nettey & Antoinette Williams Season 2 Episode 85
Living At Your Finest
How To Use Food as Medicine
Show Notes

Do you struggle with finding time to cook home foods that taste delicious and are healthy?  To be honest, it can be a challenge considering our busy schedules, but I have great news for you, once there is a will, there is a way.  

My amazing guests, Drs.  Shayla Nettey and Antoinette Williams join me on this LIVING AT YOUR FINEST PODCAST episode to discuss How To Use Food as Medicine. The topic items are:
✨ Their "Why" for Using Food as Medicine.
✨ Best Practices for Using Food As Medicine. 

Drs. Shayla Nettey and Antoinette Williams are co-founders of Cooking on Purpose Health, a virtual direct-care preventive and obesity medicine practice. 
 ➖Connect with Drs Nettey and Williams. 

I hope you find value in this episode, and please share it with others. Let's get #healthiertogether. 

🌟Cheers to Promoting Cooking on Purpose. 🌟

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