Living At Your Finest

Dr. Babs's Journey to DPC

July 17, 2023 DR. BABS Season 2 Episode 86
Living At Your Finest
Dr. Babs's Journey to DPC
Show Notes

Is anyone interested in Medical care you can access and afford? 

I will be the first one to put my hands up. Unfortunately, the traditional healthcare system focuses more on profits than health. This is where my journey to DPC (Direct Primary Care) began. 

LAYF Wellness is committed to restoring health by providing my members with high-quality care and cost-effective savings because this also matters to me. The services offered are a holistic approach to treating the patient's overall well-being, body, mind, and spirit to promote optimal health and well-being.

This episode aims to share DPC treats patients' overall well-being, body, mind, and spirit, so you LIVE AT YOUR FINEST by being WHOLE, VIBRANT & HEALTHY.

Discussion points on this episode:
✨Overview of Direct Primary Care and my journey to starting a practice. 
✨The services offered at LAYF Wellness. 
✨ Commonly asked questions about DPC and my CALL TO ACTION.

🌟Cheers to Experiencing Great Healthcare. 🌟

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