Living At Your Finest

How To Develop The Healthy Spirit Man

October 02, 2023 Dr. Dolapo Babalola and Pastor Seyi Oshikanlu Season 3 Episode 90
Living At Your Finest
How To Develop The Healthy Spirit Man
Show Notes

The Holistic Approach to Medicine involves treating the Whole Person: body, mind, and spirit. This method is paramount to achieving optimal well-being. Unfortunately, we emphasize the physical and mental but leave out the spiritual.

Good news! Today, on the LIVING AT YOUR FINEST PODCAST SHOW, we will explore what it means to be spiritually healthy. I am pleased to have my wonderful friend and sister, Pastor Seyi Oshikanlu, on the show to investigate HOW TO DEVELOP THE HEALTHY SPIRIT MAN.

Discussion items:
✨What It Means To Be A Healthy Spirit Man?
✨Why It Is 4 Ways To Develop the Healthy Spirit Man

 ➖Guest Intro.
Seyi Oshikanlu is an ordained Minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is an author, bible teacher, and international conference speaker who ministers under a strong prophetic anointing. She started her public life as a college pastor, and now she leads a ministry that helps people understand how to integrate their faith into their daily lives.

 ➖Connect with Pastor Seyi Oshikanlu.

I am confident you would be as blessed as I was, so please don't keep this episode to yourself; share it with your friends and family. Remember that Health is a complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. Let's do our best to align all three so we can LIVE AT OUR FINEST by being WHOLE, VIBRANT, and HEALTHY. 

🌟Cheers to being Spiritually Healthy.🌟

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