Living At Your Finest

Fixing The Broken Healthcare Insurance System

December 04, 2023 Dr. Dolapo Babalola and Neer Patel Season 3 Episode 92
Living At Your Finest
Fixing The Broken Healthcare Insurance System
Show Notes

This is an intriguing episode and, indeed, an eye-opener to our questionable Healthcare system in the United States.

Why are we the wealthiest and most developed country yet have the highest rate of people with multiple chronic health conditions? There are so many reasons; one is the complexity of health insurance.

You need to listen to the whole episode to understand the system and how you and your family can fix it so you can LIVE AT YOUR FINEST WELL-BEING.

No more delaying doctor visits because you don't have health insurance or waiting when you are really sick to go to urgent care or emergency due to the fear of an unexpected bill. There are options; it is time to learn about them, especially now that we are in enrollment season.

I am thrilled to have Neer Patel, Founder of Virtuous Benefits, on the LIVING AT YOUR FINEST PODCAST SHOW to help us debulk the Health Insurance mystery and share solutions.

Discussion items:
✨The Difference between Health Insurance and Healthcare Insurance
✨ The Benefits of Direct Primary Care Membership-Based Practices paired with either Self-funded Insurance or Healthshares as appropriate for your family.

 ➖Guest Intro.
Neer Patel is the founder of Virtuous Benefits, a team of benefits consultants who teach businesses of all sizes across the country how to successfully implement ACA-compliant healthcare insurance plans that are affordable and transparent and revolve around direct primary care.

➖Connect with Neer Patel

As you listen to this episode, please ask yourself:  

  • Are you pleased with your Health Insurance?
  • Is it sick care or Healthcare?
  • What do you and your family desire?

As I always say, you and yours deserve to LIVE AT YOUR FINEST WELL-BEING by being WHOLE, VIBRANT, & HEALTHY because you are WORTH IT. 

Please share within your circle of influence. You never know whose life you can change positively. 

🌟Cheers to a HEALTHCARE SYSTEM that works. 🌟

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