Disrupting Burnout

60. Faith to Pause the Plan

April 13, 2022 Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson Episode 60
Disrupting Burnout
60. Faith to Pause the Plan
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"This walk of purpose is a step by step walk.  Clarity doesn't come in thinking. Clarity comes in the doing. So you won't know until you take a step."

Join Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson as she talks about having the Faith to Pause the Plan. 

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Hey friends, I am Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson, but you can call me PBJ. Welcome to another episode of Heartwork with PBJ, where we are disrupting cycles of burnout and compassion fatigue. For people who do their work from the heart. This is your place to come to be refreshed. Listen, friends, I got a tough lesson to tell you about today. But before I do that, I want to encourage you, would you subscribe, thumbs up, like, comment wherever you listen or watch this podcast. If you will respond to the podcast in those ways, It will help us get this message out to more people. So if you are a loyal listener, and you know that this podcast is a blessing to you, will you help us be a blessing to other people just by clicking the thumbs up the subscribe, make a comment, give us a rating so that we know that you're listening. All right, y'all. Let's get into this episode. All right, friends. So you know, if I learned a lesson, I'm gonna come and share it with you. Because I feel like that's what I'm called to do. But also, I don't want you to have to learn some things the hard way as I am learning them. So I want to come to you today and just share a recent lesson that I learned and I hope that it will be a blessing to you. So as you know, over the last couple of months, I've been sharing the Heartwork Academy with you and that the doors are pending to be open and all of the things that we're going to do in this eight week program. In the past, the Heartwork Academy was a monthly membership. And I learned so much in that process. But I also learned that it wasn't meant to be a membership. I learned that people who are burnt out need relief right now. They can't wait for once a month meetings. So I learned so much. But we closed that membership. And we processed that with all of those members. And we went to an eight week model eight straight weeks of coaching and community and modules and learning went through the process of hiring a staff invested funds to advertise and set everything up, got everything set up in our in our course platform. And you know, all the videos, all the marketing, you've seen, everything was ready, everything was ready and even got a staff to join me to help with all of this. So there's been so much time and all kinds of investment into this. Well, if I'm honest, a couple of weeks ago, I started feeling overwhelmed. You remember I told you all of us have a tail, te l l and my tail started coming up when I feel overwhelmed. Sometimes I literally feel like I can't breathe like I'm in water. And I'm barely holding my nose, above the waterline and I can feel myself taking shallow breaths. And the more I thought about what I had coming up over the next few weeks, the more overwhelmed I felt. And it's all good things. You know, I got invited to be a coach and a program that was so impactful for me. And then you know, I got some speaking engagements going on and long term service to a university that I'm still doing and a ministry that my husband and I are assisting our church with and there's a lot of good things going on. And that is the thing about burnout and overwhelm. Most of the time, it's not bad things. It's about helping others. It's impactful things but we just take on too much of it all at the same time. You can do all the things you just can't do it all at the same time. So I began to feel overwhelmed as I thought about all of the things that I had coming up and considering how in the world I was going to carry it all and it really came to a head for me as I was sitting down writing out my wall calendar because I keep everything in my phone. I got a scheduler, that kind of thing. But I still write it out on my calendar because it just holds me accountable. Putting that pen to paper just really helps me see. And y'all I'm just going to go out of business today. When you look at my calendar for March. It looks like I did nothing because I didn't write it out. I didn't write it out in March and I was all over the place. I was doing many things but I never wrote it out. I never wrote it out. So I was determined. I was going to get back to my calendaring. So I sat down and wrote out April,May, June, and the more I looked at it, the more I could feel my breath getting shallow, like I couldn't breathe. And I felt in my spirit I heard in my spirit, you need to pray for a way of escape. And there's a scripture that says there's no temptation that will overcome you. But God will always give you a way of escape. So I must be in a hurry, you need to pray for a way of escape. And I'll be honest, I hesitated. I didn't want to do that. Because I knew, when I prayed that prayer, I was going to have to give up something. And all the things I was doing, I wanted to do and I was excited about and, and, and I didn't want to let go of any of it. And if I'm honest, I also found myself thinking about withholding from other people. So I didn't write my calendar and March, not because of this, but I know my husband looks at the calendar. And he may not always tell him, You don't understand my work, he may not understand what I do. But he understands me. He understands me, and he knows, he knows, he can pinpoint it, he knows when I'm getting overwhelmed. So I found myself not even wanting to tell him all the things that I had coming up in the next few months, because I knew what he was gonna say. And that was holding is also a tail for me. You know, when I started to take on so much I started telling myself people don't understand. So I'm just gonna keep it to myself. Let me tell you, isolation is a trap. It's a trick. So be careful. Be careful in the midst of all your things that you don't find yourself holding back from those who love you, and who are you are accountable to and I'm not saying you have to tell everybody. But there are some people in your life who love you enough to hold you accountable. And if you can't tell them what's going on, either they're not good accountability, or you're withholding, and you're not allowing yourself to be held accountable. So I'm writing this calendar, feeling overwhelmed wrestling with how much to tell my husband or what's going on. And, and the truth of the matter is, and I tell him everything, so if I can't tell him, there's a problem. So I decided, yeah, I'm gonna pray this prayer. So I prayed. And I said, God, if I've taken on anything that's outside of your will show me a way of escape, show me a way of escape. If you assigned all of this to me, and know that you're going to empower me to do it, I have no doubt in my mind that you'll give me what I need to do it. But if I have done any of this in my own way, and my own will show me a way of escape. Because at this point, I was telling myself, I can't quit any of this, you know, I've obligating myself to this and obligating myself to that, and people are waiting on Heartwork Academy, people are on the waitlist, like, I can't, I can't stop any of this, like all of this is going is in progress now. And it's way too late. But I learned the hard way. I've learned the hard way, that when the Spirit of God speaks, I gotta do it. Whatever it is, and that may come with consequences. But I got to accept that. So I prayed the prayer. I pray the prayer. And later in the week, I was preparing to interview a person, a woman for this podcast, you all will get that interview soon. But as I was preparing to interview her, I was listening to a recent interview she had with other people. And she started talking about how, you know, people are pressuring her to do this and her business and do that and her business. But she also has a full time corporate job. And she said, You know, I'm not rushing to do anything. I'm just doing it at the pace of grace. You know, whatever God is telling me to do this, what I'm gonna do and nothing more. And she went on to say, you know, we get ourselves to a point and we cry out, let God help me. That's like, I'm gonna help you. But I didn't tell you to get to this point. I didn't guide you here and give you instructions. You did that. You did that. And as she was speaking, I just began to weep. I began to weep. Because I knew I knew what I had to do. In my spirit. It was paused the Heartwork Academy. And when I tell you, we've been working on this for months, it's April now. We started working on it hardcore since January. I've been working on it for a long time. But since January, we really started going after it. And preparing for it and working with the team and doing all the things and preparing the videos. And I mean, it's beautiful. It's it's built, it's ready. It's beautiful. But Iknew I knew I knew in my heart that I was supposed to pass the Heartwork Academy. So I wrestled with it. And at that point, it was open. It was open to the waitlist only so early red restriction was open to the waitlist only. But if I'm honest, nobody had registered. And I had sent out an email to say, Hey, if you want to talk about it schedule some time with me. And nobody had responded. And these were people that I told myself, I can't stop because they're waiting. They're waiting. They're waiting, I can't stop because they're waiting. But the truth is, if they were waiting, they didn't respond. So that was confirmation for me. And even at that point, I said, you know, am I backing up because nobody, because I never opened open registration. So it was only for specific people on the waitlist. And I am like, Am I doing this because I'm afraid nobody's gonna sign up, even when I open it wide. But it wasn't that because the more I thought about putting a pause on it, the more peace I felt in my heart, the more peace I felt about the other things that I needed to do, and not just peace, but thoughts started flooding to me about how I'm going to serve in this other community that I've been invited to serve in and how I'm going to serve in the speeches that I have coming up, where I thought there was a blockage, or I felt like it was a blockage to my creativity. Once I made that decision, everything started to flow. And I can breathe, I can breathe. So although I've been talking to you about the Heartwork Academy, I'm here to tell you that it's paused for now. I closed the registration. And we're going to hold and I don't know how long I don't know when. But I know I'm going to listen, because here's the other thing. What I'm not going to do is poach coach you through burnout, and I'm burnout myself. And you may be saying, well, PBJ, you're the burnout expert. How do you get burnout? It's because I How do you think I am the burnout expert. The thing that I'm called to get to the world is the very thing I wrestle with. And it is the truth in all situations. So I refuse, I refuse to serve you, to coach you, in the midst of my own burnout in the midst of my own overwhelm. I must practice what I preach. And I must be an example of how to serve from a place of freedom, and not from a place of overwhelm. So we're pausing on the HEartwork Academy, I believe it will come I do. I believe it will come so many things have been done to prepare for you, and to prepare for this academy. And I don't believe anything is wasted. So I believe it will come. And I'll let you know when I let you know when I think this is the main lesson that I learned through all of this. And I found myself sharing this with several people over the last few weeks even before I realized it was a message for me. This walk of purpose is a step by step walk. One of the coaches in my life coach to Mrs. Jones, she always says, clarity comes into doing. Clarity doesn't come in thinking, clarity comes in the doing. So you won't know until you take a step. You know in January, I took a step and brought on a team took a step and did some videos, took a step and plan for marketing, took a step and started talking about it took a step and did a heart work live took a step. And the more steps I took, the more clarity I gained about what I'm supposed to do right now. So I don't believe any of it. It was wasted. I believe that every step, that tool was necessary for peace in my heart for direction, and my purpose and what I'm supposed to do. And I believe that your purpose as well, is unveiled in steps. So don't be stuck in a corner of should I should not take one step. And once you take that step, if you have peace, take another step. And once you take that step, if you have peace, take another step. But if you ever get to the point where you've lost that peace, and you lost that clarity, I encourage you to pause. I encourage you to stop and not be distracted by all the steps that you've taken because nothing will be wasted. Nothing will be wasted. So friends, keep walking with me. You're gonna keep getting a podcast episode. In the next few weeks. I am going to introduce you to some phenomenal women. Oh, I can't wait for you to meet them. And all of them have transformational stories. So you hang in there With this, you keep walking with this and we'll see what comes next. I'm excited about whatever it is, but I know it's gonna be spirit led. I know it's gonna be purpose focused, and I know it's going to transform your life. So, as always, you are powerful. You are significant, and you are loved. Thanks for walking with me friends. Love always PBJ