Disrupting Burnout

67. Clarity Comes in the Doing - Jateya Jones

June 01, 2022 Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson Episode 67
Disrupting Burnout
67. Clarity Comes in the Doing - Jateya Jones
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Special Guest: Jateya Jones 
Facebook: JateyaJonesConsulting  Instagram: JateyaJones

"“Clarity is power and once you have it you can have freedom in life and in business. Once you identify the common thread or superpower...the WHAT you do, then you can make money doing you!" 

~~Jateya Jones is a conduit for clarity and an alchemist with authenticity. Fondly known as "Your Favorite Business Coach’s Secret Weapon," Jateya serves as the Founder and Executive Director of Fore Teens, Inc., and the CEO of Jateya Jones Consulting - designed to empower visionaries with clarity. 

Jateya revolutionizes how multi-passionates approach entrepreneurship. As a Strategy and Communication consultant, she blazes a path for the multi-skilled to clearly
articulate WHO they are and WHAT they do, so they can gain the confidence and courage needed to embrace their uniqueness, course correct and unlearn in order to thrive.

Serving as YOUR personal guide for self-discovery, Jateya ignites waves of impact and change, creates a rippling effect for healing and prosperity AND holistically closes gaps within
traditional industries, BUT in non-traditional ways. ~~

Join Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson & Jateya as they discuss the clarity that comes in the doing.  

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Hey, hey, hey everybody, this is Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson. But you can call me PBJ. Welcome to another episode of Heart Work with PBJ where we are disrupting burnout and compassion, fatigue and overwhelm and all of those burdens that hold us down. So we cannot do the work that we were Today, ya'll listen, today is an honor for me. Today I have the created and call to do. My friend. It is always my prayer honor of introducing you all to a woman who has made such a difference in my life. You all know that I believe in counseling coaching and community. And today you get to and my goal that when you come here, you are refreshed, you are meet one of my coaches and to hear the brilliance and the power that comes from her and why I'm so grateful to have her in my life. So before I bring her forward, let me read her bio revived, and you know that somebody hears your heart. So so that you can get to know her a little bit more. Jateya. Jones is a conduit for clarity and an alchemist with authenticity. Formerly known as your favorite business coaches secret weapon. thank you all for always coming along for listening for Yes, she is to tears serves as the founder and executive director of fourteens Incorporated, and the CEO of the Jateya Jones consulting designed to empower visionaries with responding for commenting. Listen, if you haven't already, clarity. Jateya revolutionizes how multi passionate approach entrepreneurship as a strategic and Communication Consultant, she blazes a path for the multiskilled to clearly you need to subscribe. Wherever you listen, make sure that you articulate who they are and what they do so that they can gain the confidence and courage needed to embrace their uniqueness course correct and unlearn in order to thrive. are sharing this episode with somebody who needs it. Leave a Serving as a your personal guide for self discovery, to tear ignites waves of impact and change creates a rippling effect for healing and prosperity and holistically closes gaps within comment. Let us know what you think. Ask your questions. I traditional industries. But not I'm sorry, but in non traditional way. So let me read that one more time, holistically closes gaps within traditional industries, but in non always love engaging with you all in the comments. So I would traditional ways, my friends, I have the honor today to introduce you all, to Jateya Jones. Jateya, Coach, thanks for joining us in the Heart Work community. love to hear from you. Thank you, you made me sound so good. I was like, Oh. You are. So before I even ask you a question I have, I always have to do this. So you all I was in a coaching program. And I've talked to you all about purpose to platform and Jateya Jones is one of the coaches in that program. And this was when I'm like, Okay, I know God is calling me to something. But I don't know what it looks like, I don't know what it is. I just feel like I'm supposed to be doing something. And I remember reaching out to the team. And I said, I'm all over the place. I've done this, and I've done this, and I do this, and I care about this. And she said you're not all over the place. She said that makes sense. All of that makes sense. And in a one minute Voice Note. She brought all of my pieces to clarity, and all of my things that I've done and that I do, and that I've been involved in just I could see the connection. And literally everything just took off from there. Everything from the podcast to this book that I'm starting to write to speaking to coaching all of it in that moment of Satya taking my picture that I thought was scattered and bringing it all together and she gave me the gift of clarity. So I'm just I'm honored that you're here Jateya. And I want these folks to know you because we talk about discovering your brilliance. And that's what you did for me So let's just start at the beginning. Please tell them who you are. Yeah. So before I do that, I have to say thank you to you. You know, I'd say all the time, you are one of my answer prayers, because you allow me to see God and what I do and the purpose and what I do. And so I am just thankful and blessed that you continue the ripple, to do what you do for so many others. Because what you do is so amazing, so many other people need you. So I just want to tell you, thank you, and I'm honored to be here. But with that, I'm Jateya Jones. And I am a multi passionate entrepreneur, who helps other multi passionate entrepreneurs identify your superhero power, ie purpose, build community and master entrepreneurship with less stress and less effort. Because if there's one thing that I can tell you, for those visionaries, who are overwhelmed with a multitude of world changing ideas, is that you really do one thing, you just do it in a multitude of different ways. And once you know that common thread that ties all of your passions and skills together, you'll find clarity in life and in business, and you'll go off and continue to change the world. Oh my gosh. And I've seen this happen, not just for me, but so many other women and people that you have had an impact on. I've seen it happen over and over and over again. But I also know that this comes from some place for you, because you weren't always doing this work, your nonprofit, your business. So take us back. How did you get to the place of clarity for yourself? Oh, listen, it's been a journey. Let's start there. Because I had the same feelings of all over the place. And you know, people looking at you like you're a flake and telling you to focus and you need to niche down and all of the discouraging things that make you shrink and no longer want to shine your light. But at the same time, it causes you to feel suffocated, because you have this burning desire in your gut, like in the core of you that you know, I'm destined for more. And you really don't know what it is, you really can't see it, feel it, articulate it, to say the least. And so that all over the place that everybody else sees is us just naturally on a journey of trying to figure it out. And so we go, Oh, I like this Oh, and like this, and the shiny object syndrome, right. And then I also tell people that I was born into survival mode, I was born to a single mother, who did what she had to do to make ends meet so that my brother and I can have the best life possible. And but with that, I learned to hustle and grind. I knew how to make money. But it was short money. It wasn't it wasn't the consistency that I needed. And so I hopped from thing to thing to thing because I was looking for the thing that was going to catapult me into being able to actually prosper in purpose, not just work or have a job. And so it really was a journey of me doing all the things. I'm a certified bartender, I'm a certified nail Tech, I have a background in public health. I have a background in technical communication. I work for the military for over 15 years, like my resume goes on and on and on. And I always hated being the person that was like me too. I can relate to that, you know, but I really could, because I had done so much. But one day, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired of myself. I was in my own way, I was burnt out. I was tired. I didn't have the time or the income to do the things that I wanted to do. Help family help friends go on trips and just experience like, because I was in hustling grind. And like I said it was short money, right? So pay the bills, but it didn't propel me to what I knew I was destined for I knew I was called for more. I knew I was I meant to live a life of opulence. Like that's just I was like I feel it in my bones right but I wasn't doing that I wasn't living up to the purpose that I felt in my gut that I couldn't identify or articulate. So I'm sitting in cube lane, where my soul was literally dying in a world of follow the leader and I have to tell him I'm looking around like nobody else sees this does not make sense to anybody else but me and allowing them to misuse my skills and gift I eat not use them. And I was just like this, isn't it. And so I came across Patrice Washington. And I was like oh Oh, this price tag, like, I had invested in myself, but it was $50 here $100, nothing substantial. But it was nagging in my gut that she was the answer to my issue. And that was the first time I truly invested in me. And I had to pray about that process because that money was already spent. But I answered, and I was open, and I was committed to learning and doing. So in cube land, I will be whispering when it was time for meetings, because I was not going to miss what I hadn't paid a lot of money for my mind. And I was like, I was I was just determined that this is it. This is when I'm going to do the work. And that began the ripple effect for me it beginning healing process and begin my eyes being open to so many things. And I went in trying to figure out how to make money doing what I do, right. And at that time, I was the natural networker. And I was helping students and introverts network, because I felt like that was like our secret sauce. And she was like, no, no, no, that's not what you do. And I was like, I didn't pay you for this. But I said, I was open, I was committed. And I listened. And she was like, You do clarity. And so at that point, the dots began to connect. And opportunity started to come and doors started to open and the clarity came more in the doing, the more you did, the more clear I got. Of course, situational fall comes with clarity, because then you get all these downloads, and you're like, ooh, ooh, this and you're confused again. But you just keep wading through the water. And it brought me to today and my purpose. I'm clearer now than ever. But every other day, God is bringing another download. And it's like, oh, now it's time for the next. Yeah. So but that's my journey in that so short of a summary. But it was a journey, it was years borderline a decade of me trying to figure it all out. And so now, I'm committed to helping shorten that timeline for others. Once you know what you do, you literally can change the world and you can make money doing you. Oh, my gosh, so I'm living proof. I'm living proof of what clarity can do because we met to Jateya in January 2021. It's been barely over a year, and my life is unrecognizable, compared to what it was. So I'm a witness and a testimony to what clarity can do, there were so many gyms and what you just shared, and they're just a few that I want to pick up. You started by saying that you were sick and tired of yourself. Now, I know that when I hit rock bottom, and when I was in burnout, the first thing I want to do is blame everybody. I wanted to blame everybody, they misuse me. They didn't respect me. They didn't honor me, they overloaded me. And I finally finally, after a couple of weeks of that got to the place where I recognized that I was the common denominator. Because different people in different spaces in different places, and different seasons of my life, the same thing was happening, and I was the common denominator. So it started with me taking the responsibility and saying, wait a minute, rugged people are gonna be people. But I'm responsible for me. I'm responsible for my purpose. I'm responsible for my future. So for me to bring that in and said I can No, I can't focus on what anybody else did, or did not do. If this is going to change. It is on me. It is on me. So I appreciate that. And then you went on to say how you were in a space that didn't recognize your gifts, and did not recognize what your purpose and what you had to bring to the table. And so often we teach that burnout comes because you're busy, and you got too much going on your calendar, you need to take some stuff off your calendar. But I'm here to tell you there's more on my calendar now than there's ever been, but because it's purpose, because it's connected to what I was created to do. I'm fine. I feel good. I'm ready to do it again. So it's not as much and as you can run out in purpose to Yeah, but most of the time, it's not how much you're doing is what you're doing. If you are not in a space that you are allowed to share and to do that thing that you were created to do that superpower that you call it that purpose, that secret sauce, if that is being stifled, then you are going to feel like you're drowning. You're going to Feel like you're drowning. And it's not because you're busy. It's not because your calendar is full, it's because your calendar is full of the wrong thing. Come on, it's because your calendar is full of the wrong thing. And then the last gem out of that, that I wanted to pick out, you talked about being in cube land. And in persevering. Oh, I'm gonna be on these coaching calls, or I am going to be a part of this training. If I have to whisper if I have to have one earpiece in, I'm going to get this, like, I'm doing this, I made the investment and I'm doing this, that determination. And that perseverance, we want purpose, but we don't want to work. Come on, we don't want to do we don't want to do what it takes, we don't want to make the investment, even the investment into the coaching, right? Because you were talking about having short money. And as a result of having short money, you were investing short money, a training here, a video here, a workshop there, but when you decided to make a bigger investment, financially timewise and otherwise, you got a bigger return. So it's gonna cost purpose is gonna cost you something, listen. And, you know, I realized I was spinning the short money because it allowed me to dry in the dark. And when you make a real investment in yourself, it forces you to come to the light. And it's like, okay, now I can't hide, I can't just have this so called pipe dream, I have to accept it as an assignment, I have to do something with it, I can't hide anymore. And when you've been conditioned to dim your light and shrink for so long, or just play the role and show up how others have conditioned you to instead of who you know, you really are deep down inside. It's uncomfortable. It feels wrong, it feels strange. So it's easy to spend the quick money, because I can dry in the dark. Cross my fingers, eyes and toes that it works. But if it doesn't, I haven't wasted a lot of money. So I want to feel some type of way. Best in yourself, for real, for real, for real is triple fold. And it's it's quick. That transformation is is unbelievable. It's just like literally night and day. Yeah, it's acceleration. Celebration, because you look at it, and it feels like I've got so much to do before I get there. You know, I remember thinking, I do want to speak, I love to speak. But I'll do that once I retire. Like I'll finish this and you know, we'll have a retirement benefits coming in. And then I'll be able to maybe speak and write a book every now and then you know that. But when you truly invest in every way, you experienced deceleration. Like I'm standing in what I thought was gonna take me 20 years. That's so good. I was actually listening to my podcast the other day. Yeah. And I said, Actually, it was our episode. And I said something about my job. And it struck me in that moment that I was living, what I used to talk about, come on, because I used to be at the job talking about leaving the job. And now literally, I'm talking I'm talking about past tense. Because I left the job finally, and you know how many years I told them I was leaving, to the point where they didn't even believe me. But it struck me and it took me a minute, to literally bask in the present moment that you are currently residing in what you once dreamed about. Listen, I mean, just taking a moment to think about that, you know, because we look at folks who seem to be walking in what they love. And I remember being a young professional and people will say, you know, if you find what you love to do, you'll never work another day in your life. I'm like, that's cute. But I want to hear that. Because one match it like I'm not trying to like, this is work. This is all work, but it's real. It's real. Do we work? Yes. Do we invest? Absolutely. But I love I love every minute of it. The women that we get an opportunity to coach the people that we get an opportunity to engage in the teenagers that you serve, I mean this is all purpose. And when you when it looked like it was going to be such a long path, that acceleration I'm still on the path I'm still developing, but purpose is just exploding as I develop. So you don't just get there one day, like, I'll just arrive there one day. No, it's it evolves. Is this along the path as you go? Oh, I'm getting too excited. Okay. All right, bring it back PBJ tell us help us understand because many of our listeners, they are still working. And we're not saying you have to leave your job. No, right? Because there might be space for you to do what you created to do in the work that you're doing right now. But when we say clarity, they might not understand what we're talking about. So can you help us understand what you mean by clarity? What is clarity? And what's the power clarity? Definitely. So I guess I'll start with just saying the ABCs. To clarity. A is except BS believe says connect the dots from your past, present to your future, as well as connect with community. And if you do those three things, clarity will come. And what we mean by clarity is you can clearly see the vision. So how Earlier I spoke about, I knew I was destined for more, but I just I just couldn't, I didn't know what it was, it was a feeling that feeling will transmute into a vision. And you will literally be able to see it, you definitely I was gonna say probably that you definitely won't know how to get over there just yet. But it becomes clearer. And it's like being in the forest. And you can see the trees right in front of you. But when the fog clears, you can see the mountains in the distance. Yeah. And that peak, is what you're headed for. And just like when you get on a plane, all of a sudden, you can see that you can see the whole city, right, and the higher you go up, all of a sudden, all you see are clouds. And you feel like you're in fog, and you can't see. But eventually you arrive to your destination. And normally when we're on a plane, we're going somewhere fun, vacation or somewhere. So you land in paradise. Clarity, clarity becomes a yellow brick road, that is this map for you to walk towards your destiny, your future, what you were placed on earth to do. And you can bask and being you and it fills your cup and you overflow with with so much joy, peace and prosperity. Once you have clarity, once you have clarity. And so that's how I describe it because it's more of a feeling. But it literally is going from standing in front of a brick wall to taking two steps to the right, to be able to walk through your door of destiny. That's what clarity does for you. And all of those things that you thought you were doing all over the place, all of a sudden makes sense. And you literally see this yellow brick road, one lane that you just have to follow. And just like in The Wizard of Oz, you know, it doesn't come without challenges, right? They have challenges every step of the way, pretty much. And I'm going to talk about the version with Michael Jackson and how every time they took a step it lit up. And that's what that's what happens. Clarity is in the doing, the more you do. For my perfectionist, I'm a recovering perfectionist, you got to do the thing. We can't wait till it's perfect to you got to do and you refine as you do. And that's what the action verb to perfect means to refine, it means you got to do something, and then tweak it. And that you're refining it until it's polish and then you will reach perfection. But you can't just all of a sudden come out with something perfect. So it's a journey, but it is when the yellow brick road starts to light up towards your destiny. That's clarity. Yeah, you all have heard me say that clarity comes into doing now you know where it came from? Okay, this comes from Jateya Jones. And it it just opened everything for me because so I come from the education industry, and specifically in areas where there's not a lot of room for failure. Okay, so you're learned and conditioned, like, I need to know exactly how this is gonna happen before I do anything. Like I need to know that A to Z before I take the first step because this cannot fail. You know somebody's red pen in your paper or you're sitting in front of a dissertation committee or your peer reviewed this or that or the or the Senate or all the things you have to do. We're not used to stepping and learning As we go, and I tell even my students, when I talk to my students, especially when they get to the point of graduation, so right now we're celebrating lots of graduations. And it never fails. It never fails. We have this conversation of what am I gonna do? What am I supposed to do with my life? And they're so afraid to take one step? Is that Is this the purpose? Is this what I'm supposed to do for the next 30 years? Honey, we don't know. And you won't know until you take a step. Clarity doesn't come in the thinking, clarity comes in the doing. So you take a step, you learn, you revise, you change, or you keep going, you take another step, if that feels good, then you keep going. That's how this works. And that's how we pour the best out of us. When we trusted, just take that step. I remember, there was a part of my life in my young adulthood, where I moved from South Carolina, where I'm from, to Texas. Just had to go. And I remember wrestling with the decision. And I had a friend say to me, and I never forgot this, he said, How you gonna walk on water, if you never step out of the boat? It's like, you'll never know, you'll never know until you do. And it ended up being one of the best things, one of the best learning experiences in my whole entire life. But I could have stifled everything by refusing to take that one step. So I love I love that you say, clarity is in the doing. So what do we do with this clarity? Once Once we've been able to connect the dots and like, Okay, now, this makes sense. This is kind of what I do what I've been doing, you know, I didn't know what's purpose. But this is what I've been doing, you know, whether you're still in your job or whether you're going, what not? What do I do with this newfound clarity? Hmm. So before I answer that, let me let me rewind just a little bit. Because I didn't know we had that similarity. But I'm from a small town in Georgia. And I got the opportunity and I up and I ran to DC, and it was the best decision of my life. And so many people all of a sudden was like, Oh, we can get you a job here paying that. And that was because I was working three jobs. And this, I had a car with no automated windows. So I'm sweating, rolling up windows going to job interviews, right. And so I want to say, people love out of fear. And they will give you advice based on things that they don't have the confidence and courage to do. And most of those of you who do the hard work, are visionaries, you're going to be taking a path that many have never taken before. Or you may take this path that somebody started breaking down the brush, but your assignment is to finish tearing down the brush and paved the path for those that come behind you. So you'll be doing things a little bit differently. And that's why it's so important to take that step and to do the thing, right. And so, with that being said, once you have this clarity, the first thing you need to do is to do, it becomes a snowball effect of your confidence and your courage. So you can continue to do that hard work that everybody else is afraid to do, I'm going to tell you, maybe you shouldn't do it that way or not, don't quit your job, or you know what you need to, and you'll be confident and be able to stand in your vision. Because God gave you the vision, he didn't give it to everybody else. And sometimes we really want people to understand and so we over explain, trying to get people to understand and be on our side, you don't need their understanding. You just want their support. You want them to believe in you, some will, some won't. So in all honesty, when you're going through that first stage of acceptance, you're gonna go through a purging season, you're gonna have to let go of some people, places and things that you thought were going to be at the finish line with you. But I promise you, those seats will be filled with people that are there to help you on your assignment. People that understand you people that will support you, people you probably never met day in your life, okay? But they'll be there for you. There'll be your backbone to push you along the way and guide you. So take the step. Because nobody can. Nobody can tell you what to do. I tell clients all the time who called check you, boo hoo. So you ask him this question like, What am I supposed to do and I don't know what to do and just do Oh, go check you. Again. It's your vision is meant for you to do. It's meant for you to be the blueprints because it Probably doesn't exist already. The television didn't exist before did, the cell phone didn't exist before it did. And it's gone through so many transformations. I don't know if you guys remember, the big my dad had the big black bag that was borderline like a duffel bag. And now they know LGBT things right? From the flip to a whole computer, pretty much, you're gonna go through pretty much the same transformation. So once you have this clarity, just blindly take the first step. And then you're either that can be baby steps, and you'll start to feel confident in yourself, you start to feel that courage, and you'll be like The Little Engine That Could and all of a sudden, you're just trucking along. And that's the best advice that I can tell you, the dots will start to make more sense. And you'll be able to those painful moments because the good and the bad happens for you, not to you, for you. You'll be able to see like, Oh, thank you, Lord. Thank You, Lord. So for me, for example, when I got ready to go to DC, I was like, Oh, girl, leave my boyfriend. All the Things Show. Today. My nice, thank you. Thank you, thank you was not meant to go on this journey with me. You could see what I couldn't see. And so we just have to blindly walk in faith into it, there really is no, you know, political, big, you know, thing that I can tell you, it's to start blindly taking that next step. And be confident in your decision. Trust your gut again, will knock down and cause you not to trust it. And then all of a sudden, you're telling yourself I knew I should have coulda woulda, I knew I shouldn't. And you start to get used to saying that to the point where you are, you're saying I shouldn't. But then you do the same thing again and not listen to your gut. Because we think we're confused. The guy doesn't give you a spirit of confusion. You're confused by the outside noise because you're listening to the wrong things. Listen to yourself, listen to that intuition. And you'll that next step will only be your best step. Look, that's the whole word. Somebody passed the collection. Let's give the beneficiary I'm over here with tears in my eyes. That's a whole word. And that's why I call you coach. That's the whole word. Let me I know that many heart workers, many of us are rule followers. Yeah, right. Like not only do we want to take care of everybody, but we want everybody to be okay. Who in order for everybody to be okay, we got to stay within the lines. And we got to make everybody happy and be the people pleasers and all of this. So stepping forward in purpose can be really scary. Because it might be the first time that we've stepped out of that comfort zone, step out of bounds come colored Outside the Lines, done something that the folks who love us who really truly love us don't understand. And that can be unnerving. And that can be scary. But I'm here to tell you that that step is critical is necessary. And it's worth it. Worth it? Go ahead. It's more than oh my goodness, like yes, yes. I'm glad you said that. Because the peace, the joy. It's a feeling that you really can't explain sometimes. But before all of that it does come with some hurt. I like to say that those of us that are breaking negative generational cycles, which normally hard workers to do, I've hashtagged as black sheep because not that we're doing anything to hurt people or make people dislike us half the time we're like, Why did I do but it's because your light shine so bright, that it causes others to be mad because they can't hide anymore. Or it shines a light on their insecurities. It shines a light on what they're afraid to. So they're really mad upset with you. They're upset with themselves and it's displace hurt and anger. And so especially those that love you sometimes become the ones that hurt you the most. But just know when you get there everybody's gonna be like I knew her when I say will. I know my way. So just keep you have to persevere. You have to keep going. You go. Yeah. And it's for them to Yeah, they knew that like they don't like it. I heard one of our sisters Lindsey Ray Perry. She said when you step into a dark room with The light, anybody who's in there that used to darkness, their eyes have to adjust, they will adjust. Oh, that's a horror. Yes, if they will adjust, they will adjust. So we have to love our people enough. And not just the people because we talk about kimete convening community, and power community, right. You gotta love your people, your family, your neighbors, your convenient community, the people that you were placed and connected with, but also the people you're calling to serve, we have to love our people enough to step out on faith and do the thing. And do the thing. Because when you step out and do the thing, you bless all your people, including yourself, including yourself. And you really, you know, they said, there's no test, no testimony without test. And once you show the power and the goodness of faith, and the results of everybody wants a taste anyway, because when you go in the kitchen, and there's nothing in this, anybody else, you come out with a five course meal, and it's bad that somebody please teach me. The people will come they will start to pay you to do this thing. And everybody else is looking like, can I give it up? For me? So yeah. I love it. Talk to us about how you serve folks through Jateya Jones' consulting, and also your nonprofit, like you have so much going on. So how do you serve? And who do you serve? Definitely. So across the board, the easy way is I help with clarity on your strategy, and how to communicate it. So that you can start this ripple effect of letting other people walk in their purpose to help you help them help everybody. And so I do that mainly through coaching. I have the plan to win a planner that really helps you break down these visions and goals past just the big chunks. I tell people all the time, somebody tell you to go make a salad and you're like, Okay, dump everything in the bowl, but they don't tell you, you got to clean the Cucumber, cucumber, diced tomato, get out the lettuce, get up the dressing it up the like, there's multiple different steps underneath this big chunk of a goal. And the planner is designed to help you win in life and in business, literally, in life. And business is broken down from personal to professional. And so that is the main way I take that concept. And I teach it across the board. And so soon, and very soon we'll be launching the plan to win incubator, which is the hand holding that I wish I had to actually guide me into how because once you know what you do, you naturally do live, but you don't know how to prosper in it. And there are some steps and things that you can do. And so that's what I normally do. And for the youth clarity, I remember when I went to college, I was like, Oh, I was chasing the money. I was like I'm gonna go be an engineer. And they gave this first assignment. And I was like a SOS somebody. And I called a friend's boyfriend who was an engineer. And I was like, I'm so sorry, it is 1am You please come to the Student Center and help me. And he looked at it and in two seconds made a scale and a paperclip and a pencil. And I was like Lord, this ain't for me. I changed my major like five times it feels like and my heart is just to help the kids and I have to do that to not stress. I know so many who literally have conniptions about choosing a pager and it's like a life or death situation. And I'm like, No, it really isn't, you can change your mind. It's okay, breathe. And so to really help them get clear in what they do. So they can decide what direction they need to go. My whole goal is to help us do what we do with less stress and less effort, because a lot of times we spend our wheels going nowhere. So we get that help. And so that's my goal, whether you're young and youth and teenager or whether you're my age and or older. And so that that's what I do and how I do it. And so you can find me at all things to jateyajones.com. And I love to just help visionaries. They're multi passionate, but most people call themselves multi passionate. But a multi passionate is a person that's passionate about a lot of things. You do a little bit of this, a little bit of that. But you're also known as a visionary, with world changing ideas. Like I know this thing will work. But because business is so traditional, it's boxed up and packed this way. You don't know how to break through that to help them You see things differently. Some people focus on this part of the problem and this part of the problem. And as a visionary, you have a holistic approach to solving this problem that truly solve the problem, not just put a bandaid on it. And so I love working with multi passionate entrepreneurs, who nine times out of 10, you've had a million hobbies, calling them businesses, but they haven't really profited, you made a little bit of money, but not a lot of money. And those are the people that I love to serve. Those are helping heal in some type of way of whatever they do. Listen, all of those links will be in the show notes and in the description here. So that you can reach out to to Jateya Jones, I am a witness. Oh, gosh, I wish I had you when I was teenager, oh, if I had this when I was a teenager. But I know that every step was purposeful. So I accept it as it is. But I'm here to tell you since I met this woman, and it says I had the opportunity to engage with her. And to seek clarity with her everything in my life has accelerated everything. So I want that for every single one of you as hard workers, you can be overwhelmed and burnout. Just because you haven't found that thing. You haven't connected the dots, you don't know what you were created to do, you haven't put your finger on that superpower or you don't know what to do with it. You might know what it is, but you don't know how to walk it out what the next step might be or what to do what that doing is for you, I would encourage you to reach out to Jateya Jones because I'm here to tell you, she is anointed and appointed to help you get to clarity and determine those next steps. So to Jateya, thank you. Thank you so much for spending this time with us today. Thank you for what you mean to me. Thank you for your years, so that you were in place when I came along. I'm so grateful. I'm so grateful. Friends, as always you know that you are powerful. You are significant. And you are love look, you are significant. Your thing is necessary, what you were called to do in the way that you were created to do it. We need it. And it's time for you identify it, and it's time for you to walk in it. So let's get this clarity. All right. Love, always PBJ. Bye Ya'll.