Disrupting Burnout

84. You have HELP with Micayla Robertson

April 05, 2023 Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson Episode 84
Disrupting Burnout
84. You have HELP with Micayla Robertson
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Trigger Warning:  Our guest in this episode shares the story of self-inflicted death of a family member.  Please dial 988 if you are concerned for yourself or another person.

This week on Disrupting Burnout, I’m joined by Micayla Robertson, a Woman Who Defines Disruption by telling her story and positioning others to tell theirs! 

Micayla Robertson is a faith-based storyteller, producer, writer and sought-after podcast coach. She believes whole-heartedly in the power of storytelling and is the Host of The IRONWIFEY Podcast, Editor of IRONWIFEY Magazine, Creator of Faith Audio Network and Founder of The IRON Agency.

As iron sharpens iron, Micayla is on a mission to sharpen and encourage women in Christ by helping them own their story, find their voice and share their testimony with the masses. Today, Micayla shares HER story and confirms how the Lord will HELP all who seek Him!

It’s Time To Disrupt Burnout:

03:10 - The Power Of Hospitality

07:15 - Beyond Burnout 

18:00 - Holding Onto Faith In The Midst Of Darkness

24:00 - The Lord Will Help You

28:00 - The Power Of Storytelling

31:00 - Share Your Story

You have HELP Takeaways

●      “We all have a story to tell.” - Micayla Robertson

●      “We miss the blessing in the season that we’re in longing for the next.” - Dr. PBJ 

●      “I decided to seek the Lord and that allowed me to hold onto faith.” - Micayla Robertson

●      “I leaned on God for provision and Guidance and He ended up guiding us.” - Micayla Robertson  

●      “If God can help me, He can help you.” - Micayla Robertson 

●      “Receiving Jesus is the most important thing you’ll ever do.” - Dr. PBJ  

●      “Your story is what makes you stand out.” - Dr. PBJ  

●      “I define disruption by telling my story.” - Micayla Robertson  

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So the revelation that the Holy Spirit showed me was God is my judge. The Lord shows grace. Micayla, I will help you. And at that moment, I knew that what was about to happen in every other day in my life, the Lord has always helped me. Hey, friends, listen, I am so excited. I am so excited. We have another episode in our series of women who define disruption. And this one, all my good, all of them are good, but this one is close to my heart. Today I have the opportunity of introducing you to Micayla Robertson. Micayla is a storyteller. She is a Podcast Producer. She is a coach, a teacher, and she is a woman of God. Listen, even if you have not met Micayla, you have seen her work, because she has been working with me on the disrupting burnout podcast for the last few months and I'm just, I'm so grateful. I am so grateful. So let me give her some proper Okay. Micayla is gonna tell her story, but let me just let you know what this woman is up to. So Micayla is the host and creator of the iron wifey podcast. She's also the editor of iron why wifey magazine, and the founder of the iron agency, As iron sharpens iron. Micayla is on a mission to sharpen and encourage women in Christ by helping them to own their story, find their voice, and share their testimony with the masses. And today you get to hear Micayla story, and it is my honor to introduce you all to my sister in Christ. Micayla Robertson. Hello Micayla. Welcome. Hi, Dr. PBJ. Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to be here. I'm so excited to have you here. Listen, we're just gonna let them in on our weekly conversations. For the last few weeks, we have had the blessing the honor to come together to work through not just the podcast, but my goodness, we've been just talking about life. Yeah, so I just want these folks to hear you to hear your story and know who you are. I believe it's important to be exposed to and be aware of people who bring in disruption, who live in disruption, and disruption in a way that brings power in your life, where you're not just submitting to a ladder or a career box that somebody created for you. But you are living fully in the purpose that God created you for. Come on. Makayla, tell the people who you are my friend. Well, first off, you are preaching today, because you are pretty much telling my story. Now, when it comes to defining disruption, I first off, I'm so honored that you even asked me to join you. Because I did not think of myself as someone who defined disruption. But once you broke that down, and you really, you know, dove into what it means to define the life that God has created for you not necessarily following everybody else. It made me realize, Oh my gosh, I guess I have to find this eruption. So thank you for having me, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Michaela Robertson. I am a storyteller for other people, other people, and when it comes to defining disruption, I know about the power of storytelling because I honestly used to work a nine to five job that I absolutely hated, unfortunately, and maybe you're in the same boat as me, maybe you haven't. But I worked in hospitality for about five to seven years, I did not enjoy my job. But regardless of that, I was humbled by it. Because every single position I was in the Lord decided that he wanted to elevate me. So here you are at a job that you don't want to be in and you keep getting promoted and everyone loves you. It just goes to show when God has favor on UPS favor, but when I truly talked about how he had to humble me, I knew that I was in that position because I had to learn what it meant to serve. And in learning how to serve. That is where I learned the power of storytelling because when you walk into a hotel, that person standing at the desk, that was me. But you have five minutes to literally engage in conversation with someone and get to know their story in as little time as possible so that you can make that experience so much better. And so one I literally dove into the Bible learned about hospitality in the fact that I'm supposed to be here, I'm supposed to be hospitable to people. It kind of changed my perspective. And it taught me that every single person that walks into that hotel door has a story. And I have the opportunity to add positive impact to their story or negative impact of their story based on the five minute experience that they have with me. And so that was my start. And once the Lord delivered me from hospitality, I started iron Wi Fi, the blog, which eventually turned into a podcast on accident because I wanted to interview someone, and my camera died. And so all I had was audio. And because of that podcast, I was blessed with the experience to interview so many amazing women. And that led to me being a Podcast Producer for some pretty prominent podcast, launching my own podcast, storytelling agency meeting, Dr. PBJ, and having the privilege of, you know, working on the disrupting burnout podcasts every week. It's just It's truly been a blessing. It all started with understanding that we all have a story to tell. I love the way, Mikayla, you found the purpose, even when you were working in hospitality. So often we're so focused on this is not it. This is not, there's more to me, I shouldn't be here, right. And I often say that we miss the blessing in the season that we're in longing for the next. Absolutely. Purpose is throughout your life. It's not one day that you get to it. But even in what you're doing right now, whether it's serving someone else's vision, or working in someone else's organization, you have purpose in that place. So the fact that you started honoring stories, and storytelling, even in that position before you have had your own anything, it speaks to the power of purpose throughout our lives. And not just when we get to a certain point, you mentioned that God delivered you out of town. So you got to tell us, okay, you have to tell us about that story and about that pain. Okay, so, before I tell the story, I am going to say trigger warning. If you have ever lost a family member to suicide, I'm just gonna let you know that this, my story doesn't come as bad. So I do want to give you know people a trigger warning if they've lost someone or if they have considered it. But a little bit about my story. I want to tell you I worked 80 hours a week, I worked 80 hours a week, I had two full time jobs. I worked from 10pm to 7am overnight in hospitality. And then I'd wake up in the morning and I had another job from 7am to 5pm. And I go to sleep between five and 10 for about five hours a day. And so when you talk about burning out, I was beyond. I was beyond burnout. At that point, I was just running on fumes. It was like just wake up, do it again. Wake up, do it again. And what a lot of people looked at as the world shutting down, it was my break. And so March, actually, I remember the day Yeah, march 23 2020. I went into work at my first job and they said, Hey, today's your last shift at the end of your shift, pick up your checks. And I was like, oh, okay, and then on my way home, I'm driving home and the second job calls and you're like, hey, we're shutting our doors. We're actually closing down the entire San Diego District. Come pick up your check. And so within 30 minutes, I lost all forms of income on my way home from work. And I remember going to my husband and I was like, Oh, hey, so I just got fired. He was like, wait, what I'm like, Yeah, I just got fired, and on the way to pick up my check, like on the way home for picking up my check, but other jobs has called and said that they're closing their doors, and they're furloughed, everybody. And so and he was like, Okay, well, we're going to trust God in this situation. And Dad said he's a provider. So we're just gonna see and wait and pray that he's going to provide. And what's amazing is that that happened in March. They did allow us to apply for unemployment. I don't know what happened. But this state of Ohio which is where we used to live still had me registered in Ohio. So when I filed for unemployment, San Diego was like, I'm sorry, but you don't live in this. You don't live in California. You live in Ohio. And so I had to file all the paperwork, all the W twos from the last year all like showing them that I had proof that I lived in California, I worked in California, I do deserve unemployment. I have this this form from my jobs. You know, like I shouldn't be getting paid They're like, I'm so sorry. So that process took three months. And so for three months, while we had no income coming in, because my husband worked from home, he's chasing his dream. So I was like, oh, you know, I'll go out, I'll work for us. And when your dream kicks off, we can switch off, like, you know, we support each other. We had no income coming down. And every single day, I had to go down to the leasing office and be like, Hey, I promised you, I'm gonna pay you, but I don't have it. And so the savings dwindle, then the savings ran out. And it was a matter of deciding, are we going to pay the bills? Or are we going to pay for food? Because I mean, at this point, the stores are empty. The world is fearful. We can't go outside, there's a curfew in certain places. And now we can't pay rent. And it's like three months of not being able to program. But God had so much favor on us. Because every time we went downstairs to the leasing office, they're like, hey, you know what, you guys have always paid on time, we understand what's going on, when you have it, just give it to us. And we're like, okay, so you're going through all that, then you get a call that your dad's in the hospital, and he's suffering from COVID. And unfortunately, because he had COVID, he ended up developing pneumonia. And so that impacted his lungs. And so when he actually recovered from COVID, he actually couldn't actually function 100% Like walking from the couch, just to get to the bathroom was like a whole entire workout. And for a man who's a workaholic, that was like his life, you know, you talked about me being burnt out, he worked more than me, and this is his whole life. And so he became really depressed, it became a really, like, really sad situation, because he never fully recovered. And he was just kind of in and out of like, you know, his his positive mindset versus negative mindset because he couldn't go to work. So 2020 I like to say it was one of the toughest years of my life, but also one of the best, because during the time that my dad is suffering from COVID, I don't have a job bill collectors are calling us every single day and we're getting at least 10 calls a day, because they're like, Hey, you owe us money, the car gets repossessed, we can't pay, right. It was like one thing after another thing after another thing. But my husband and I were like, we're still gonna trust God. And we asked the Lord to provide and literally, after three, four months, the Lord provided we ended up getting we had family members who we had talked to friends who I had seen since high school, they were just like, oh, my gosh, you are on my mind. I'm sending you this. And that covered groceries for the week. Hey, the Lord told me to reach out to you and send you this and that covered this, like my dad on his way to the hospital, told my stepmom Hey, send Mikayla in Durant, this much money and it literally covered rent. And it was like the Lord just kept providing after providing in an unemployment kicked in, and we were able to back pay all the other rent that we couldn't pay during that time. And so it was one thing after another, but I leaned on dad for provision, and I leaned on him for guidance, and he ended up guiding us. And within that time, I, I had a phone call from Patrice Washington, who runs the redefining wealth podcast. And before the pandemic, I had reached out to her to be a guest on another podcast that I produced at that time. And we you know, we hit it off, we connected. And so she calls me in the middle of the pandemic, and she's like, Hey, you're on my mind. Are you okay? And I'm like, well, Sis, I lost both jobs. I'm unemployed, I can't pay rent. And you know, I got family in the hospital. But you know, what I actually did, like, like, God is good, and I'm good. And she's like, Well, I still need a producer. And I'm like, well, I could have started yesterday. And so I ended up becoming our producer in the midst of the pandemic. I ended up, you know, learning from her what it is that I need to do to really build out this business. And I decided, you know, what, I'm gonna focus on this podcasting thing, and really, you know, grow it to the point of whatever God has for it. And so that's kind of how it took off for 2020 It was the roughest year because at the very end of the year, I had a dream that my father committed suicide and three days later, his body was found. And so that alone is another story but just knowing how in your most darkest hour you know, the Bible says even though you walk through the shadow of death, you shall fear no evil for God is with me. Like even in this like you're walking through the darkest hour it's like one thing after another thing after another thing I knew that there was no points of fear because gas that he was gonna provide so either you a liar, or you for real. And that was me testing out I'm like, either you don't come through or you not. And he came through and I'm so grateful. Because even in the midst of that year, and even ending the year the way that it did and losing, you know, like, one of my best friends my dad was one of my best friends losing one of my best friends in a way that it happened. The Lord still showed me what was gonna happen before it did and prepared me for that. Hey friends, I'm just popping in to let you know that I have just a handful of openings on my calendar over the next three months for one on one coaching clients, if you are an accomplished woman who has found that you've lost your fire over time, if you have been successful doing all the things, but you just want to love your work. Again, if you're really good at what you do, but you know that there is more than you need to reach out, go to connect with pbj.com Sign up for a connect call, we'll jump on real quick. I just need to make sure you're a good candidate for my coaching program. And if so we'll dig in together and I'll walk this journey with you. All right, y'all reach out connect with Pb de.com. I look forward to speaking with you. Hello, my name is Ashley. And I have the privilege of experiencing Dr. PBJ as one of my coaches in a business accelerator program for women called purpose to platform. And Dr. PBJ actually served as our subject matter expert and our mindset coach do throughout the program. And she brought over 30 years of experience in academia, her professional training is amazing, her experience is very relevant. And she's an applicable and we were so fortunate to benefit from her being our mindset coach, Dr. PBJ is compassionate, and very skilled in creating safe spaces for in creating safe spaces I'll leave it at I'll leave it at that. And she's also very skilled in walking her clients through transformation, you will have a transformative experience if you work with Dr. PBJ. She worked with our cohort and literally most of us were, I would say in the caterpillar stage, when we came in, there were many things that we needed to develop many things that we needed clarity on and support in. And she walked us through this transformative experience. She took us through the cocoon stage and ultimately helped us to build resilience, confidence, self acceptance, and build us up to be the butterflies that we are and that we need to be to succeed in business. And so if you're looking for a coach who's relatable, who is compassionate, authentic, authentic, effective, and ultimately transformative, then you found the right woman and Dr. PBJ. Thank you. Listen, first of all, let me just say, and we've discussed this, right, so you've shared your story with me before, but on behalf of our community, on behalf of our community, I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you so much. And I really need you to talk to us and tell us how in the world do you hold on to faith in the midst of all of that, like, for somebody loss of a job isn't enough? Loss of two bills cannot be paid? We're not maybe not worrying, but okay, how we're going to eat? That is it? And now that is gone? How in the world? Do you hold on to faith in the midst of that kind of trouble? I believe I decided to seek the Lord. And that is what allowed me to hold on to faith because what's funny is and I can dive a little bit into this if we have time, but when I had the dream that my father passed away in the dream, and I can just tell you guys about the dream in the dream I saw it happen but I was on the phone and so I'm watching it happen but I'm on the phone with him and he attempts to take his life two times the first time it didn't work. And the second time he's calling me and he's crying and he's telling me you know what, it's just it's too much for me life is too much it's over for me and on the on the phone I'm telling my father the story of shadow Acme shaken up Indigo. And how if you know the story in the Bible, three Hebrew boys walk into fiery furnace because they decide that they don't want to serve the God of the king. The king is like you know everybody bad out and worshipped by God. And they're like, No, we serve our God. We're not going to do that. And the kings like, Oh, if you want to just go baby, I'm gonna sit with you to this fiery furnace volcano and you're gonna die. And so I told my father this story, because in the biblical story, the three people always walk To the furnace and they walk out on scorched, and the king is actually like, Oh, God is in there with them. There's a fourth person in there. So how in the world is there a fourth person when we only said three, and they walk out, there's no fire, there's no ash, there's no birth, there's nothing. And I told my father that story in the dream, and I'm like, debt, the fires that you endure in life, you're going to come out on scorched, whatever fires, you go through whatever challenges you have in life, just trust God and know that God is with you. And you're just going to walk away freely. And in my dream, my father told me, you know, I'm so sorry, but that's not enough. And you know, he, I'm not gonna give you guys details, but he committed suicide. And I woke up from my dream with peace. And that's how I knew something was wrong. Because usually, for most people, you would hear something like this or dream about this. And you'd be like, Oh, my God, like, what's going on? And I woke up with peace. And that's why I knew like, okay, something's off. And so I called my dad. As soon as I woke up, it's like, 5am his time. I'm like, Hey, I had a dream about you. Like, first off, are you looking to take your life? Like, are you okay? Are you looking to take your life because this is what happened. And he's like, you know, what, thank you for sharing that dream. I'm not, I'm just really sad. Because you know, COVID Boss, he couldn't go back to work, lungs, everything. He's just like, I'm really, really sad. But I know that I'm not looking to take my life. And because the Lord shows you this, I know that God's going to do something really, really great for you. And so three days later, I got a call from my brother, and his body was found in the woods. And everything that I saw in my dream exactly how it happened to down to the clothes that he was wearing is exactly how he was found. And I knew in that moment, it was like the Holy Spirit said, I heard this. He was like a whisper. It was like, the dream wasn't for you to warn him. It was to prepare you. And so when I flew home, and I'm planning the arrangements, and I'm, you know, in the household with my family, and I'm witnessing people lamenting and wailing, and you know, screams coming out of people's bodies that I've never experienced before, I had so much peace, I had so much peace, and I was in awe, because I'm sitting here like, I should probably be crying. I should probably be sad. But God was me. Like, you know, when you're like, wait a minute, like, he talks about a piece that surpasses understanding. I'm like, first off, why am I that said, I mean, I'm sad that I'm not going to be able to talk to him. But I'm not like everybody else, like everybody else is grieving. And I'm like, Dad, why did you show me that dream? Like, why me? And my father was loved by everybody. Like, during this time, this is COVID, you couldn't have a real funeral. So we had to have a virtual funeral. And there were 4000 people that showed up on his funeral, because that's how many people's lives he loved and impacted. And so I'm like, Okay, this is cool enough, but like, Why me? You know, like, what, why? I'm not I wouldn't consider myself a dreamer, even though it was as a kid. But I'm like, why would you really like show me all of this? And by the time I returned back home to California, 2021 hits, and three months later, February 2021, I really started asking God, why me? You know, you talk about why, how can you have so much peace in the midst of chaos? Like I was really like, No, for real? Like, why did you show me that? And I started studying about dreams. And I read the book of Daniel and I realized that the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. I didn't know that story. When I told my dad that story in the dream. I did not know it. I had never read it in the Bible. I think I had like a vacation Bible school, like study, like way back when I was a kid and like, three little boys walk into a volcano and they come out and God is good. And so that's all I knew. And so I was like, God, why don't you show me that story? And when I break down the story, and I was reading the story, there was a revelation. Because when you look at Daniel and the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego you realize that that's not their real names. Daniels real name is Belle touches our shed Rex rule name is Hannah nya Misha or rechecks. Her name is Michelle and Abednego. His real name is Azariah. And when I translated their names because I'm really big on names, me Shaq or Michelle and Mikayla mean the same thing. It means who is like God, and so when you translate it, it's Daniel, God is my judge. Who's the first one Shadrach, which is here to Nya, the Lord shows grace. Michelle, aka Mikayla, who was like that, and then as Araya or a Bendigo. You know, I will help you. So the revelation that the Holy spiritual Was God is my judge, the Lord shows grace. Mikayla, I will help you. And at that moment, I knew that what was about to happen in every other day in my life, the Lord has always helped me. He has helped me through the power of other people's testimonies, which is their stories. He has helped me through one of the darkest times in my life, and he was going to help me through the death of my dad, in every repercussions that came with that. And from that moment on, he has always helped me and he will always help me. And the Bible says that the Lord will help you. And so I am so grateful that, like I said, in the midst of darkness, the Lord told me that he was going to help me. And that has been something that I've kind of leaned on ever since. And if you're hearing this, then I don't want you to know, like, if he can help me, he can help you. And he's going to help you. And so now that's something that I kind of covered my life to was helping others tell their stories, but also just breaking down the method that the Lord recently gave me. And so the Lord showed me that when he says, he's going to help you, he's going to heal you. He's going to encourage you, he's going to love you, and he's going to protect you. And that's the foundation, he'll encourage love and protect. Because once you've established that foundation, then you can go on the purpose in life, that means he's going to humble you. I had to be humbled and hospitality, he's going to elevate you, he's going to lead you, and he's going to position you to carry out His will for your life. And so I believe the Lord is going to help me I know that he's going to help you. But just know that you have to establish that foundation. First. You have to be healed. From whatever it is the people that hurt you, the you hurting yourself, self infliction, you know, anything that you believe that has kept you bound, like you have to be healed, the Lord will encourage you one of my favorite songs, I don't know who was fired. But sometimes you have to encourage yourself. Sometimes you have to speak over yourself, like you, you have to encourage yourself, you have to know that the Lord's word is going to encourage you, the Lord is going to love you. We know that God is love. Love is patient. Love is kind. It's not self seeking. It's not irritable. It doesn't rejoice in wrongdoings, love yourself, love who God created you to be and know that you're protected. Know that you are protected. God is going to protect you every single step of the way. And once you get through that, then then the real the inner work what you call it, Dr. PBJ, the hard work. The hard work starts you got to be humbled, then you'll be elevated, led by God in position to carry out His will. I pray that the listeners have received what you're saying today. First of all, thank you for sharing your story. But in sharing your story you've equipped us. Because so often when we go through bad times, especially if we don't have a personal relationship with God, or if we don't know him, we wonder why loving God would allow, right? But understanding that in this world, while we live on this earth, there is going to be pain, this this is not where we're going. This is not the heaven, there's going to be trouble there is going to be pain. But the Bible says take heart because God has overcome the world. And knowing this is good news. This is good news. Knowing that he's going to help me look okay, wait a minute, because somebody needs to hear that. Nobody ever promised that you won't have trouble. Nobody ever promised that you won't have pain. Nobody ever promised that things would be perfect. But what he did promise is that he will help you. Absolutely. And that's everything. Absolutely. That is That is everything. I've been very clear on this podcast about what I believe. But in this moment, I just want to appeal to somebody's heart. And I want you to know that one of the the best gift, the best gift that anybody could offer that anybody could have is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Amen. And that relationship is everything because regardless of what you've been through, or what you either may have to face ever and any day of your life, you have help. Absolutely. You have help. So I pray that if you don't have that relationship with Jesus if you don't know God as your helper, that you can DM me DM Makayla, reach out to Pat Esther, because receiving Jesus is the most important thing you overdue. So I just I thank you, Michaela. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your story. And it's so much power, because it comes from you. It's one thing for someone who, you know, hasn't had your story to say, and all of us have a story, right? Everybody does have forgotten. But after hearing what you went through and one year, in a matter of months, whatever you get through, and for you to say, that will help you. He will help you. Hey, whoa. That's the power of storytelling. That's the power. Yeah. Praise the Lord. That's the power of storytelling. So how do you empower or encourage others? Maybe there's somebody listening, who has a testimony, it may not be yours, but everybody here has come through something right. And they have a story, but they don't know what to do with it. They don't know if it should be told. If it's worth it, can you speak to someone about their story and their testimony? Absolutely. Each and every one of you has a story to tell, it may not be as dark and dire as mine was. Or it may not be the most light story in the world, like you just won the lottery 16 times, even though if you have slept through, because I could use, I could use I could use a piece of candy Come on. But I'm just saying each and every one of us has a story. And a lot of times are obstacles or some of the things that we've been through are a part of the story that we hide, because we feel shame around them. And so I have a free download for the people for what I call the story method. And the way that I help people tell their story is telling it online. So literally, you can tell your story on an avenue like this podcast, you can tell your story via email, you can tell your story on social media, or you can tell your story to your neighbor next door. But the story method is split into five different parts. It's s t o r y story. And literally it's SS in strength. So what is what are your strengths? What are you strong yet? What are you good in, you know, some of us are gifted in speaking, some of us are gifted in singing, some of us are gifted in writing, and some of us are gifted and listening. If you're a listener, that is a strength. Because a lot of people need someone to listen to their story. So S is what are your strengths? T is your technique? When I think technique I think of how to, you know, what can you teach someone? Whether it be how to start a podcast? Or how to disrupt burnout in your life? Or it could be how to wash laundry, how to iron your clothes, how to take your dog out for a walk, how to know like what is your technique is your HOW TO THE always going to be obstacles? What obstacles have you faced in life? Was it the death of a loved one? You know, was it the loss of a job? What obstacles have you faced in life? And then there's a second part to Oh, which is overcome? How have you overcome that obstacle? The art is going to be your relationships. So who do you do it? For? What relationships in your life inspire you to want to do better? Is it a relationship with yourself? Because I mean, we all want to be out here like, you know, I love myself enough to go for more. Or I do it for my kids. Or I do it for my dad. You know, my dad, he didn't think it was worth living. And so I'm going to make it worth living, you know? What are the relationships that inspire you? And then why is your why? And I know it starts with a W but it ends with a Y so don't come for me. Okay? Why do you do what you do? What are the reasons? What is the driving force behind you showing up every single day. So your story method is your strength, technique, obstacles, relationships, and why? And so I have a free audio training in download for the people if you guys want it, it is how to tell your story online, I will make sure that Dr. PBJ has all the links wherever you need to find the links, wherever. But if you want to learn how to tell your story, make sure you guys go ahead and check out the story method download. And don't be afraid to really tap into what your strengths are. You know what your techniques are, what your obstacles in your overcoming things are, what your relationships mean to you and your why like that is how you tell your story. Because at the end of the day, you do have a story to tell. I don't care what other people have told you. You have a story to tell. You have a voice. You have experiences that no one else has gone through the way that you have gone through them. And so if my story has the power to play somebody that I know that Charleston's Yes, absolutely. And we will link all of that so that you can get that free download and start using your story. Here's the thing, your story is what makes you stand out, Oh, nobody else, they may have your same degree, they may have worked in the same career field, they do not have your story. No one can tell it like you tell it and the world needs to hear it. So I'm excited. I'm excited for you all to tell your story. Mikayla, I have to ask you one more question. Before we leave. How do you define disruption? Hmm. That is a great question. I would say that I define disruption. By telling my story by telling me my story that sounds so cliche after the conversation that we just had. But really, I told you before this, I didn't think that I was a woman who did define disruption, but knowing that my story has the power to disrupt somebody else's life. That is how I define disruption by telling my story and being proud of my story. Yes, yes. Your story has the power to disrupt somebody's depression. Your story has the power to disrupt somebody's chaos. Your story has the power to disrupt someone settling in their life. So you you are absolutely right. You define disruption by telling your story. But Sister You also empower us to tell ours. Amen. And I'm so grateful. I'm so grateful for you. Not just your skill, your experience, but your heart, your heart for people, and your heart for the kingdom of God. For him to do what he wants to do through all of our stories. It is evident and we are so grateful for you here. No know. Thank you for being here. Thank you. How can people follow you hear more from you access the magazine, tell the people how to get in touch with? Absolutely. Well, I like to play on Instagram. So you guys can follow me on Instagram at Mikayla Robertson that's mi see a y les our OB e r t s o n. And if you're watching it, you can see the factual spelling there. But follow me on Instagram. And then you can also check out my website faith based storyteller. That's where you can get the download. But that's also going to direct you to all things that I have going on, whether it be my personal website, our Wi Fi magazine website, that our Wi Fi podcast, our agency if you're looking to start a podcast or want to work with me as a producer, so faith based storyteller is where you're going to find the download and then from there, you'll see all the other links that link to everything else about me, but yeah, that's it. Oh my goodness, listen, friends. I know your heart has been touched just like mine. And I hope that you are powered up and empowered to tell your story and to get more comfortable telling your story because there's power in what you have to say. So again, Micayla, thank you for joining us. As always friends, you know you are powerful, you are significant and you are loved. Love always PBJ