Disrupting Burnout

90. Transforming your Crisis

May 17, 2023 Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson Episode 90
Disrupting Burnout
90. Transforming your Crisis
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Welcome to Disrupting Burnout - a podcast where we beat burnout so that you can love your career again! 

Do you feel unfulfilled or overwhelmed to the point where you struggle to make space to dream? Would you like to stop chasing responsibility and identify your unique brilliance?

In this week’s episode of Disrupting Burnout, I’m sharing my personal story of burnout and how it led me to create the Heart Work Academy. It’s time to let go of what's holding you back and be everything that God has created you to be

It’s Time To Disrupt Burnout:

01:00 - Pursue The Heartwork 

10:21 - The Cycles Of Burnout

14:00 - Passion vs. Purpose

17:00 - The Process Of Change

Transforming your Crisis Takeaways
●      "Where you are, is on purpose and for purpose." - Dr. PBJ

●      "Overwhelm is the whisper. Burnout is the demand." - Dr. PBJ

●      "Your job is not your purpose. Your title is not your purpose. Your salary is not your purpose." - Dr. PBJ

●      "Purpose is the core of your essence." - Dr. PBJ

●      "Purpose is how you look like your heavenly Father. It's your spiritual DNA." - Dr. PBJ

●      “I made the transition from my full time job to full time pursuing this vision." - Dr. PBJ

●      "When you know your brilliance, there's a fulfillment that comes over you.” - Dr. PBJ

This episode is brought to you by HeartWork Academy!  If you’ve ever felt like you're marching in place, putting in all of the effort, but not moving forward, this program is for you. If you feel buried and you’re ready to move into brilliance, it’s time to join a community of disruptors who understand and who genuinely want to support you and hold you accountable as you show up in purpose everyday. To join the Heartwork Academy, visit:  http://heartworkacademy.com.

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Let me pause here and talk to you those who feel like you're being shaken out of your place. Those who feel unfulfilled, those who feel frustrated those who feel pressure, those who are confused about what's going on, you're wondering what you did wrong to kind of be in the mental and spiritual place that you're in right now. Job is fine, you have a job, you have a job, and you're really good at it. But something is just pressing down on you, I want to encourage you to allow that vision to live. Hey, friends, is Dr. Jackson again. But you can call me PBJ. Welcome to another episode of disrupting burnout. Friends, I'm so excited. Last night, I had the orientation for our folks in the heart work Academy. And when I tell you, when I tell you, this community is so powerful just women who are pursuing their purpose in their brilliance and breaking the shackles of burnout and overwhelm and just surviving and walking into the freedom that they were created for, you need to come in and join us. Yes, I know we have the orientation last night, but it's not too late for you, I want to share that orientation or a piece of it, I can't give you everything. But a piece of that time we spent last night I want to share with you so that you can learn more about what to expect in the heart work Academy. And you can consider if it's something for you yet, it's not too late, you can still jump in our first official meeting is Monday, May 22, according to when you're watching this, but the HEartwork Academy is ongoing. So whenever you hear this, you can jump in and join this community and be a part of the work that we're doing together. So let me start just by telling you where this comes from for me, and why I created this community. So you know, my burnout story, you know that I was out of work for five months. And due to burnout, I got to the executive position and all of my professional goals were met. And I'm burnt out in the middle of all of it, and had to spend some time in recovery and learning how to one so with my whole heart, right without living those consequences, but also not who am I? What did you create me for that burnout was what I call a crisis of brilliance, it shook me to my core, I thought my life was falling apart. I didn't know what to do. And actually it did fall apart. And it needed to, it needed to fall apart. It was the first time since I started my professional career that I ever considered that I would do something different. I was so comfortable in what I was doing. And I'm good at it. I'm good at working with college students. I had my network, I've got my people, I felt confident I knew what I was doing. And God came and shook that whole thing up. Because I was so comfortable. And if he did not allow the shaking, I would have never considered that there was something more there was always this dream in my heart that I would travel when I was speaking I would inspire people. But I thought that was either outside of work, just ministry alone, or something that I would maybe do on the side after retirement is kind of the box that I put that in. But that wasn't God's plan. The time was now and I would not have considered this I would not be doing this I would not be living this life, if not for the shaking that came in my life. So went through that five months with no job. Not sure what was going to happen. A lot of prayer, a lot of focus guy, what do you want out of me? And he started allowing me to see this vision of what I'm walking out right now. For the first time I started considering maybe this is not just a ministry thing. Maybe it's not just a side hustle. Maybe it's not just something that I'll do in retirement, but maybe it's something that needs to happen right now. I didn't know how I didn't have any methods. I didn't have any knowledge about business, but I just knew what I saw. I knew what I saw. After five months out. I'm grateful that I went back to work. I did go back to work on a campus and when I took that job I expected that I would be there for for a little while while kind of building this and learning what this vision looks like kind of on the side right that that's what I expected that I would be able to do my work and you know have that stable income Men have that stable place at work. But just be kind of building this vision on the side. Well, I'm here to tell you two years in two years in, my soul was rocked again and I didn't, you know, have a burnout period, I didn't leave because of burnout, because I hadn't learned a lot about that by then. But I knew, I knew I was being shaken out of my place. Let me pause here and talk to you those who feel like you're being shaken out of your place. Those who feel unfulfilled, those who feel frustrated, those who feel pressure, those who are confused about what's going on, you're wondering what you did wrong to kind of be in the mental and spiritual place that you're in right now. Job is fine, you have a job, you have a job, and you're really good at it. But something is just pressing down on you, I want to encourage you to allow that vision to live. You need to make space to dream about it, to talk about it, to write about it. Because you don't eyes haven't seen it ears haven't heard what that seat is going to become. So I want you to know that you haven't done anything wrong. And this is not punishment. But you are in a space of a crisis of brilliance, where there's transition coming to your life. And either you work with the transition, and you move to the next phase, or you push against it and that pressure increases. That's where you are right now. And that's where I was, I was serving my students serving my staff. So in my institution, and the pressure came, and I just knew I knew in my spirit that it was time. And I even prayed about our prayed. Because at that point I had been through so much that I just wanted whatever God wants for me. And that's still where I am. I just want whatever he wants for me. And I pray that I say, God, whatever you want, please tell me, and I'll do it. But I can't do both. I couldn't keep my foot in both areas. Both were so demanding that I had to choose, I couldn't do my job and do this on the side. And I couldn't do my vision and then just kind of half my work. That's not how this works. And I was in a place where both had grown so much that I had to make a choice, I could no longer have my foot in both worlds. So I prayed and said, God, whatever you want me to do, I'll do it. Can you tell me what you want me to do? And I'll do it. So the very next day after I prayed that prayer, the very next day, and I was honest, I said, if you want me to be in this job, I've got to let this vision just sit. I can't keep investing there. Because the two can't exist together. If you want me to go all in with this vision, and I gotta walk away from this job. But I can't do both. The very next day, I got two calls. First of all, people who engage with me don't normally call me. They contact me through my website, we set up an appointment, I got two calls. I got two calls. And each one of those calls were an opportunity to work with organizations and to speak that I didn't solicit at an ask for one group. I still didn't know how they found me. They said I want to ask, So how'd you find me? Oh, a speaker's bureau friends. I don't work with the speaker's bureau. So it couldn't have been a speaker's bureau. Either way, I got those calls, and they wanted to connect with me and my services. And I knew I knew that was the answer. I knew it was time. I knew in my spirit. That was a confirmation. I knew it was time. So I begin planning my exit. Now I didn't just you know, walk into my boss that day and say I quit. I didn't do that. I didn't do that. I didn't let I didn't let my word know until several months after that, because it wasn't time. Because once I knew it was time, then I said, God, what's your timeline? So not just run and do it. But what is your timeline? So long story short, I made the transition from my full time job to full time pursuing this vision. And I'm just amazed at what God is doing. I'm amazed when I look at my life right now. I mean, literally right now I'm sitting in my home, in my home office, with my dog at my feet with my windows open, sharing my heart with you all. This was a dream. And I know this is not everybody's dream, but this was my dream. I didn't see this as a possibility for years to come. This is what I thought my retirement will look like. And here I am. Yeah, here I am. So I need you To know that where you are, is on purpose and for purpose. And if you want support, and walking through the season, you need to come into the hard work community, because I am going to teach you and support you step by step, and walking out of the cycles of burnout. And let's talk about the cycles of burnout, right? Because folks often ask PBJ, but I'm not burnt out. So can I join? Yes, absolutely. Frank, you can join because this is not just about folks who are burnt out, right? This is also about folks who are in that surviving things. Surviving is I got it, things are fine. You know, work is fine, family's fine, we got income, we're okay. But something is nudging me, there's pressure on me. And it feels like everything's squeezing me out. And I don't know what I did wrong. That surviving place. That's your crisis of brilliance. That's your purpose, calling you saying that it's time to make a transition. And I know that can be scary, because it feels like everything that you leaned on to this date, you don't have it to lean on anymore, like it's falling away. And I need to, I need to encourage your heart to let you know that it has to follow it. If it doesn't fall away, you'll keep leaning, you'll keep leaning, you'll stay there comfortable. But it's got to fall away so that you can be everything that God has created you to be friend. So I'm here to tell you if you are in surviving. If you know there's more if you have a vision if you're not even clear what it looks like. But you know, there's something that you need to get into the heart work community that I met women last night, who are some of them have a vision, some of them are not quite sure, but they know that it has to be some other set. I'm in rock bottom burnout right now. PBJ. No matter where you are in the cycles, we can support you help you teach you walk you through it. That second phase of the cycles of burnout is overwhelmed and overwhelmed, your body starts screaming at you, your mind is screaming at you, your emotions are screaming that to your relationships scream at you, your environment screams at you, everything around you says hey, we can't keep doing this. We can this is not working. We cannot keep doing this. You can barely breathe in overwhelm, you just want to run away. Like I just need a break, I need to get away, you want to run away because everything in you is saying we've had enough. We've had enough and we got to do something different. But you don't know what the difference is. You don't know how to get out of that space. It's like a roller coaster, and you want the ride to stop. But nobody will stop it to let you off. If you're in overwhelm, you need to join us. It's critical. It's critical that you learn how to break that cycle of overwhelm. Because if you don't, then you find yourself in burnout. Overwhelmed as the Whisperer, burnout is the demand you will stop. Burnout is the in voluntary shutdown of something your body, your mind, your emotions, or relationship, a critical relationship, something breaks, something breaks and burns. And I don't want you to find yourself there. And if you are there, I want you to know that you can recover. And you can come back not in a way of unless go up the hill and down the hill up the hill and down here. No, no more down the hill. No more going back to burnout. Let's destroy the cycle. Let's disrupt the cycle. So you don't have to keep going back and forth. So we are serving everybody, no matter where you are. In the cycles of burnout. We're serving you. And I want to talk to you about brilliants because we're going from the cycles of burnout, to brilliance. When I say brilliance. I'm talking about your purpose. But let me be very, very clear because I think we're confused about what purpose is purpose and passion are not the same thing. purpose and passion are not the same thing. Purpose is your innate, unique brilliance, the gift that you were given by God created to house it and you get it just by waking up and breathing purposes what you've done all your life but you've never put value on it because somebody has never told you it's valuable or because it comes so easy to you you don't think it's worth anything. Purpose is the core of your EFS essence. Purpose is how you look like your heavenly Father. It's your spiritual DNA. It is the gift in a unique to you that flows from you flow freely no matter what you do or what speech you show it show up in. That's the purpose. Passions are the expressions of that. And we get wrapped up in passions because we define ourselves by passions. I'm an educator, I'm a teacher, I'm a counselor, I'm a social worker, I'm a speaker, I'm an author, those are all expressions, none of those are the purpose. Your job is not your purpose. Your title is not your purpose, your salary is not your purpose. All of that are expressions of the innate, unique brilliance that you were created to house. And you got to identify your purpose, your brilliance from your passions, so that you will know that that brilliance is secure, it is never gonna change. That is what you bring to the earth, but your passions, they can change. You can add, you can change, you can transition you can take away, passions are the expression is how you share your brilliance with the world. But purpose. That's the innate, unique brilliance that you were created to house in the earth. When you know that brilliance, there's a fulfillment that comes over you, you don't expect your job to fulfill you anymore. You don't expect family members to fulfill you anymore. You don't expect to be filled with anything else except God, because you know why you're here. And whether it's a good day or not. So good day, you go to bed, knowing that you did exactly what you were created to do, because you know who you are. And you've got to know who you I gotta share one more foundation with you. This is a new concept to me, that God has recently given me and I'm so excited about it. This is something that I write about in the book. But I just want to give you a brief overview today. Because in order to see transformation, in order for things to change, there's a process of change. And that process is head, heart, hands, head is the knowledge. Heart is the belief, hands, the action. There's a lot that you know, right now that you're not doing. Knowing is not enough. Just listening to the podcast is knowing. And knowing is important, is the first step to transformation. But it's not everything. It just leaves it short, knowing is one thing, but you got to get what you know, Dan, into your heart to believe it. You got to start believing what you know, until you believe is true for you, you will never see it in your hands. You have heard my story over and over and over. And you are convinced and you know that it's true for me, you know that my hope from 2019 to 2023. My whole life has transformed you've watched it, you've been a part of the journey, you are convinced that is true for me. But in order for it to impact your life, you need to be convinced that is true for you. You need to know that the trend for transformation that I have experienced is true for you. Not just for me, not just for me. And that is what we're doing in the heart work Academy. This coaching community is full of women who are ready to walk into their God given brilliance. So in short, how are we going to do this? We're going to meet at least once a month, standard once a month, but every now and then we'll have an extra session. We'll meet live. So this is not me just talking. And you can leave comments we're talking. We're all together on on an electronic platform. Outside of our meetings. We have a group this is not a Facebook group. There's nothing against Facebook groups. But we have a group where we can communicate leave messages for each other, respond to each other, then we're continuing to encourage each other on a journey. You have a place to come we have a tough day, you have a place to come when you have a great day. You have a place where you're going to be celebrated. You have a place where you're going to be challenged. It's not just me. But you haven't even met these women that are a part of your community and women from all over the country literally from all over the country who have come with light mind and like heart to not just walk into their own brilliance and as their brilliance evolves to get to know them. Brilliant, but to support you and yours. So this community is pivotal is pivotal. And then you're going to get proven strategy I am going to teach you, I told the folks on social media, this is the second printing of my book. So the first printing was just for me to read it cover to cover. And, and I made edits and changes, and this printing went out to my beta readers, right. So a group of women who have agreed to read it and give me feedback. But the folks who are in the heart work Academy, we are working this thing, we're working this thing, they don't have to wait until the book comes out. Because every strategy in this book, we're walking through it together. And not only am I teaching it, but they are living out the strategies. They're living out the strategies, and seeing the results from these strategies. So friend, listen, I want you to know that this is your opportunity. This is your opportunity. Well, When is the deadline PBJ? Join now. Join now get in now don't get behind. Don't wait, what are you waiting for? At 30 bucks a month. It won't always be that price is specifically that price, because God laid on my heart, that there are some folks who need to be on this journey, and need support on that journey. But they're not ready to make a huge investment yet. So it's purposeful, that price is not about paying my bills, that price is an entry, it's an invitation to come in and get what you know you need. You've been waiting for yours. You've been waiting for years, some of you have been on my whole journey with me, and applauding me along the way, but not getting what you need. It's time, this is the opportunity. This is the opportunity to come and be a part of this, of this community of this transformation. Get in now. Get in now, let me just say this to you all, I won't always be able to be the coach in my communities. And it's probably going to happen quicker than I think I won't always be able to be the one doing the coaching and the supporting directly. I spoke with the woman the other day, she's like, I can't believe I'm actually meeting with you. I thought I was gonna meet with one of your people. And before we got off the phone, she said you won't be able to do this much longer. Friend, while I'm able to do this, I need you to come now. Come now, I don't know the whole story of what tomorrow looks like I have a vision. I have a vision and it's going to be impactful no matter what. But if you know you've been connected to me and my story, you need to join us now. Because I can't promise you what, six months, two months, three months from now will look like get in, get in here. Get in here. It's time. 30 bucks a month. Heart work academy.com. Heart work. academy.com get registered today. We will have our first meeting on Monday the 22nd. If you're watching this after the 22nd jump in, jump in now, go ahead and get connected. Don't question if you need more convincing than this, then maybe you're not ready. And that's okay. But for those of you who are ready, and those of you who know that this is the answer to your prayer. If when I speak, I sound like I've been in your prayer closet with you. If when I speak I sound like I've been sitting with you in your living room having a conversation, then what are you waiting? What are you waiting on this podcast platform I can share to you but I can't connect with you. You need to get in a community with me. We need to walk this thing out together. So that's it. You may come on in. That's the end of the story. Now is the time, now is the time. You do have time you make time for everything else where everybody else. Make time for you once a month for a couple of hours. Once a month for a couple of hours. You can't do that. If you can't do that for you're not ready. Okay, so let's do this. Let's get it it's time to disrupt destroy those cycles, no more cycles. No more cycles, destroy the cycle so that you can walk in brilliance. It is your Turn is your turn. Let's get it. As always friend, you know that you are powerful. You are significant. And you are so loved. You are loved. Do not hesitate. Heart work. academy.com Let's go. I'll see you in the background.