Disrupting Burnout

94. Tailor-Made Joy with Tiesha Andrews

June 14, 2023 Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson Episode 94
Disrupting Burnout
94. Tailor-Made Joy with Tiesha Andrews
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Welcome to Disrupting Burnout - a podcast where we beat burnout so that you can love your career again! This week on Disrupting Burnout, I’m joined by Tiesha Andrews, my friend and a Woman Who Defines Disruption by providing a space for individuals to discover, launch, and attain their purpose. 

Tiesha Andrews is an accomplished Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Certified John Maxwell Team Member who guides others in creating wealth through Real Estate as a Realtor for over 15 years. Tiesha is also the owner of Amplified Impact where she coaches and encourages others to step out of comfort and embrace their God given gifts, talents and abilities to make a direct impact in their life and the lives of those connected to them.  

It’s Time To Disrupt Burnout:

02:30 - Express Yourself In All Of Your Opportunities

10:20 - Finding Joy In The Process

21:10 - Surrender The How

30:45 - From Happiness To Joy 

42:15 - How To Protect Your Joy

49:00 - Move In The Dark

Tailor-Made Joy Takeaways
●      “Everything doesn’t always have to be going right for me to experience joy.” - Tiesha Andrews 

●      “The joy is on the inside in the contentment of knowing that I’m doing what God has called me to do.” - Tiesha Andrews  

●      “I’ve operated in more happiness than I have joy.” - Tiesha Andrews 

●      “The most frustrated I’ve been in this journey is when I’m trying to be like somebody else.” - Dr. PBJ

●      “Our uniqueness is what God is desiring to use in us.”  - Tiesha Andrews  

●      “Be free in who God created you to be.”  - Tiesha Andrews 

●      “Joy is only found in the presence of the Lord.” - Tiesha Andrews 

●      “Joy is a choice.” - Tiesha Andrews 

●      “Joy is an everlasting fountain.” - Dr. PBJ 

●      “When I protect what’s coming in, I’m more conscious of what’s going out.” - Tiesha Andrews  

●      “I define disruption as stepping outside of your comfort zone.” - Tiesha Andrews

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Everything doesn't have to always be going right? For me to experience joy. Everything doesn't have to always look great for me to experience joy. But the joy is on the inside and the contentment of knowing that I'm doing with what God has called me to do. Hey, everybody, I am Dr. Jackson, but you can call me PBJ Welcome to another episode of Disrupting Burnout. And I have another phenomenal woman to introduce you all to let me tell you something, friendship is something special. And God has a way of connecting you with the people that you need in the season that you need them. And today, I have the opportunity to introduce you all to my friend, my sister, and I need to warn you, I need to warn you because every time we get together, I'm telling you, the Holy Spirit just speaks and moves and it just we never know where He's gonna take us or where this is gonna go. So today, we're just going to let you all easedrop on our conversation. I want to introduce you to my sister, Tiesha Andrew, she is a transformational speaker. She is a coach. She is a trainer. She is a realtor. She teaches other folks how to gain wealth through a real estate. Listen, she's a phenomenal woman. She's a powerhouse. She's a woman of God. And she's my friend. Yeah. Welcome to disrupting burnout. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm so so so excited to be here just to see your face. Because every time I see your face, that smile is just something to say same. Y'all just see us we just send a message. Throughout the week, it's a beautiful thing. It really is talking about encouragement, encouragement, oh my God. Yes. Yeah. It's amazing. It's almost like we grew up together. I feel like we have so much in common. And we literally just recently met, but it feels like we've been together for years. So Tiesha, let's get into it. Yeah, I want you now I have my introduction of you. And I want you to tell the people tell the people who you are, oh, gosh, okay, of course, like you said, I'm Tiesha Andrews, I I'm a mother, I'm a wife, I am a lover of Jesus Christ. And today, I have a nine year old. My son's birthday is today. So he turned nine today. And I have a 15 year old next week. And I have a 16 year old who is soon to be 17 here in a second. But really, like you said, I feel like I wear so many hats. And it's so funny because I am always trying to figure out which hat which had am I am I putting on for the moment. But one of the things that I've learned is that in all the things that you named, I feel like there's moments where I'm all those things at the same time. And I'm learning how to operate as such, and not be overwhelmed and be just grateful for all the opportunities that God has allowed me to express myself. So I thank God for all those those opportunities. And I'm just learning how to operate in them the way that God has gifted me to so I'm not taking any of them off the table, because I love them all. But I'm just allowing God to teach me how to really walk and every last one of them. Oh, girl, you already speaking truth listening? Because you just said, you're learning how to operate in all or how to express yourself and all of the opportunities. That's right, how often do we get overwhelmed by all of our roles by all of the hats that we wear by all of our responsibilities, and we forget that they are opportunities. That's it, they are opportunities. And I think that that is the main thing that I'm learning. And I feel like for years, I've always tried to have to pick one, well, I have to be this. So I'm gonna have to put the other things down. But really learning that the giftings that God has given me he's giving you they don't just flow in one vein or a one lane he's given them to us to really be able to touch touch people in every area of our life everywhere that He sets us. He wants us to be able to express those gifts and so if we just say oh no, this is only for home or this is only for work that expression of how we sympathize with people or how we empathize with people how we love on people, how we share how we how we just treat one another if we just put them into one lane, then we are really stifled and what God wants to do in our alive and, and stifling those people that he wants us to touch? You and I had a conversation a couple of weeks ago, about purpose versus passion, right? And how purpose is the innate, unique brilliance inside of you, right? And passions are those expressions, the way that we deliver that brilliance to the world, the way that we look like our Heavenly Father and His spiritual DNA, like, when you are living in your purpose, your brilliance, you look just like your daddy, right? Yeah, and you just describe that. So you express through motherhood, you express through working in real estate, you express through speaking and coaching, you express through being a member of John Maxwell's team, you express through mentoring folks in real estate and spiritually, but all of those you express through being a wife. All of those are expressions of the brilliance that God gave to tie you to so all of the responsibilities that you have all the roles that you have, they are specifically fitted. Yeah. They're specifically fitted for you, like, another woman might look and say, I don't know how she does all that. Because the yoke is easy, and the burden is light. That armor was specifically created. It's a custom shrine. That's right. Custom. Oh, I love that. It's a custom fit. I love that it's a custom fit. And, you know, like I know, whenever you try to put something else on your body, that's custom fitted for somebody else. It never quite fits right kind of the sometimes the shoulders might droop a little bit sleeves could be too long. pant leg could be too long or too short. It never quite fits right. But like you said, when it's custom made just for you. It's like, it molds right to your body. It molds and it fits everything about you perfectly, it fits your lead perfectly. If it's it's nuts, just the way it's supposed to snug were supposed to it's loose, we're supposed to lose, it gives you room to be able to move. Yeah. You know, move you along the expression of your arms, move your feet, it just when I think about that, what you just said that when I think about them, it's made its custom for me to be able to, to be able to flow the way I need to flow, it's not going to be restricting. Sometimes we could put something on that belongs to someone else and make it feel like it could look like it fits you ever you ever put something on and look, it looks like a fitness a girl you look good. And you say to yourself, I look good. But if you only knew how tiny girl I can't breathe. I say girl shoes them shoes today, these shoes look good. And you like it might look good. But oh, I can't wait to pay these things off. So when is not quite quite fitted for you perfectly creative for you. Handmade, that it will restrict how you can move restrict your flow, restrict where you can go, because you start feeling a little uncomfortable. Come on. So watch this, right? So it really it restricts your flow and your movement, right? It's heavy. Like you can't figure out why it's so hard for you to get up in the morning or why it's so hard for you to do the things that you're obligated to do in your life. It's almost like you're dragging a heavy weight with you. Everywhere you go. It's because you're carrying something that's ill fitted and watch this to the inexperienced eye. It may look like a fit. Right? So we have a sister Her name is Amina Morris, right. And Anita is a seamstress. She's a designer, she she makes all of her own clothes. And Anita and her brand is needed by design. Y'all heard her on this podcast before a Nita her eye is key. I might look at you and say, Oh, that's cute. And Anita will look at you and say, Ah, that's that would mean that because the shoulders are off the neck is like a Nina has I that I don't have because of her expertise. So there may be people in your life who are looking at you and just assuming that your life is just beautiful. They're looking at you and then assuming that you got it all together, like what do you have to complain about? Your life is all tailor made, but you know that you're carrying something that is too heavy for you. You know that you're wearing something that is ill fitted for you, you know that you are walking around with something that God didn't assign to you and when you get into your flow When you get into your flow, it doesn't mean every day is gonna be perfect. It doesn't mean every day is going to be perfect. But it does mean that you have freedom and flow. And you know, you're right where you're supposed to be. Yes. So you to talk to us a little bit about joy. Because I know that joy is something that you share, and you talk about joy in the process. So as we're talking about this free flow, and this tailor made, tell us about joy in the process. So that's, that's perfect ties into something that you just said, when you talked about how other people may look at you. And when they look at you, it looks as though the garment is perfect. It looks as though it fits correctly. When we allow other people to tell us, or direct us or guide us and saying that we're flowing, and that looks good on you, but you know, it's tight, you know, it doesn't look right. But you are constantly allowing other people you're taking in their know, you don't know, keep on doing that. But you know, you need to take it off. Okay, and you will keep on wearing it because no, they expect me they expect me to wear this, this is what they're expecting me to put on. Even though it's a little tight in the arms. This is what they're expecting me to put on. So I'm gonna put it on anyway, when we do that, and so Speaking for myself, when I allowed people to put things on me that are they're not they weren't a custom made for me. It wasn't created for me. But because of expectations, I allowed people to let me they didn't they suggested it. And I took off the hanger put it on, come on, they suggested it. Oh, you're good at that. You should do that. Oh, yeah, no, keep on doing that. No, that's the direction you to go in for progress. And into to continue to grow. And for the for this and for that to happen, you need to do this and go in that direction. And when you when you take out the hanger and you put it on and you know what kind of like, I don't think this is my daddy didn't make this one. My dad didn't make this one. But you say, I guess maybe if I push the sleeves up a little bit, they won't be so long. That'll work on our roll the roll my waistband down. But I don't won't feel so so long my pants won't for so long. And in that is where I noticed that joy was fleeting. Joy was fleeting happiness, yes, bounce of happiness. Because we can find happiness in so many different things, we can find happiness in the accomplishments, we can find happiness in the accolades, we can find happiness and walking up on the stage and getting the certificates we can find happiness in the hand class, we can find happiness in the high fives and the good jobs, we can find happiness and all that. But for me, I knew that the joy was missing, the joy was missing because I was wearing something and trying to carry something that wasn't made for me. And so when I looked at the differences between just in my own life, joy and happiness, I had to make a oh, I had to have a real talk with myself and understand that I wasn't continually living in or continuously living in joy, but living in bouts of happiness, bouts of confusion, how sadness, disappointment, but not joy. And in the difference for me is that enjoy. Everything doesn't have to always be going right? For me to experience joy. Everything doesn't have to always look great for me to experience joy. But the joy is on the inside and the contentment of knowing that I'm doing with what God has called me to do. Knowing that I am listening to his voice, and then I'm going back to Him because He created me and saying God is this this is the right fit. This is what what you you gave to me to put on this is how you created me and understanding that, wow, what I do, what he is formed created me to do may look different than the other person and what they're doing. It's okay. It's okay because He created me to do this, the expressions that we already talked about, and he created them for their purpose in the expressions that they're presenting to the to the marketplace. So the world's or their family, and so those that they have proximity to. And so that's something that I have had to really, really, really walkthrough really walkthrough and it's been eye opening for me, because what I realized is that I operated and more happiness I have joy. I've operated and more happiness than I than I have joy. And I wasn't confusing the two, I just didn't know how to step out of the lane of always seeking, being happy. And understanding that God wants to give me continuous joy and his presence. And that that's something that a couple, it actually was just a couple of weeks ago, really brought me to tears. Because I felt like I know who my Creator is. And here I am telling you that what you created just for me, isn't good enough. And I want I want that dress. Okay, stop. Pause. We got a part right there. We, oh, my gosh, we got apart. Because as you were describing the difference between joy and happiness, what I heard was compromise, compromise, compromise daily, daily. And sometimes as women, we're taught that culture, we're taught by family that we meet, we have to compromise. Yeah, right. You take what you get, and you don't get upset kind of stuff. You take what you get, and you don't get upset. But when we have a father who has tailor made a life for us, and then what you just said, of looking at that perfect father. Yeah. And saying what you made for me, is not good enough. I'm good enough. Because when we compromise, in essence, that's what I feel like I'm saying when I'm not gonna speak for anybody else. But when I compromise. That's what I feel like I'm saying, what you what you took time to fashion, what you took time to breathe life into. I want that. I know you took time. And I know that you, you created this in your image. But I like what you made over there. I like the world that they're going down. I like that path that you have them on. And I'm not ashamed to sit here and say that years ago, I would have been ashamed to say that because I would have felt like it made me look as though I'm jealous or what want to want to covet something that somebody else has. But it has nothing to do with jealousy or even wanting to cover with Miles has for me. It's not understanding what he had for me. Yes. It had nothing to do with being jealous of someone else are wanting what they had. It was just truly not understanding fully what he had for me. Yeah. And so and not knowing that. I was looking at what a lot of other people had on. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that that's what I felt in my heart, as you were saying that. I truly believe that there are women listening right now who don't realize that there's a tailor made life for you. Yeah. That there's there are specific steps, specific experiences, specific roles, specific passions that you were created, for. He created you for the work he created. There's no life without God. So regardless of the circumstances of your birth your year, you're here. And if you're here, he created you for specific life for specific work and the life that He created you for is the perfect life force, right? That's right. You know, it's funny, because my mom was a seamstress. And my mother met Anita. And it was beautiful when they met but my mom has sewn ever since I was born, she made her first garment when I was born. That's when she first started sewing. And I've watched my mother so through the years very, very accomplished seamstress. And I remember when people would come to her shop to get garments made and they would come in with a pattern that they bought at the store and they were Hold a pattern and say, This is what I want. And they'd have their pattern and their material. And my mom would say, okay, she will look at the pattern. And she would say, this is nice, this is gonna look good on you and I, and she'll set the pattern to the side, and she'll say, Come on over here. And they also want you to use a pattern. And she goes, this pattern is is great to look at. But I'm gonna make my own pattern because I want it to fit you, for you. Because this pattern, I know you said, your size 12. And this is what the pattern is a size 12. But this size 12 doesn't fit every size 12 The same way. And I watched my mom how she would have to craft clothing for individuals. And when it didn't fit, right, she would sit there and patiently take it apart and do it again. So that it was just the right fit when they left. So there's so much in that when you talk about the right fit. And we talk about, you know, even the look on people's face when something fits right. The confidence that we have when it fits right. It's so much in that it's just so much in that we it is it is in. So let's talk about a little bit more, because what you just described of how your mom served her clients, to say, I see this picture that you brought me, I see the vision and it's a beautiful vision. Now step over here. And we're going to recreate this vision to specifically fit you what he what God has called us to. He didn't call you to do it like anybody else. He didn't call you to do it like Taisha Andrus, he didn't call you to do it like PBJ, it may be similar, it may be similar work, but it will be specifically fitted to you. And I'll confess how you should like, especially as I am walking out this vision, like once I left my job, and I'm walking out this ministry, I have looked at coaches and others and try to pattern myself against others who are also walking out their vision. And the most frustrated I've been in this journey is when I'm trying to be like somebody I try. When I release that when I release that and just go into worship and go into prayer and say God, what do you want of me? What do you want this to look like? That is the most peace? That's when I surrender when I surrendered the house, watch this when I surrender the house? Because the reason why looking at other people is because how do you want me to do it? How do I do it? How do I do it? How do I do it? And God's like, I don't need you? I don't need you to I know how I don't need you out here searching and scraping. I'll need you I'll hit striving. I know how I know how, let me create this vision to perfectly to perfectly fit you. Taylor may need Yeah. Oh for you. You know, it's so easy to get caught up in looking at other people to see how see, to try to figure out the how it's so easy to get caught up and trying to figure out the how. And one of the things that I think is just so good is that when we do what you just said it's just surrender and just go into worship and say, God, I just thank you for the vision. I thank you for the vision, that part. And when he begins to show you that, how Isn't it interesting how it never lines up with anything that you saw anything that you've when you were trying to do your own your own market research in line with nothing that you saw, and you're like, this is perfect for me. And he's like, yeah, yeah, it is. And you know, it is perfect for you, you know, and and that's one of the things that we have to learn is that our uniqueness to our uniqueness is what God is desiring to us and to us and us our uniqueness. You know, he doesn't he he doesn't want us to be a like, he's called us to draw people to him. And he has a unique way that He wants us as individuals to do it. Because I'm going to draw a crowd of people you're going to draw the people call it to you. It very well is not going to be the same crowd because the uniqueness that he puts in you is going to speak to their heart because he's going to prep their heart and have them ready when you hear Dr. PBJ come you know she's gonna drop she's he's drawing them And so I love that about God that it's, it's so it's not cookie cutter. It's unique. And whenever we can embrace that uniqueness, I'm going to share something that just, it's so funny because I just got it this was late last night or this morning, I can't remember what time I got up and grabbed my phone to write this. But and, and I was laying in my bed last night, early this morning, and God began to show me a book. And in the book, he took a piece of paper out. And well, a piece paper ripped out the book and began to float. And guy just began to mentor to my heart this morning, that you're limiting yourself because you're trying to operate within the confines of this book. And when he ripped the page, it said, be yourself, be yours. You don't have to be uniform to this book, be yourself. And he ripped the pay in and I just thought the page are ripping out and the pages floating, just floating. And to me for me, because it's something that I've been praying about it again was confirmation to me that I want you outside of the box, I want you outside of the norm get outside the book, get you don't I see all these people, I see what they're doing. I see you're trying to follow instructions, you're trying to, you know, follow suit, you're trying to do it right, you're trying to make sure that you follow the algorithm, you're trying to do all the things, it's okay. And so for me, it will just assemble for me to be free and who he's created me to be. I'm taken ripping the page out your flow and be free and who I created you to be. This is free in me right now, in this very moment. So I'm gonna tell on myself. Because I sometimes I struggle with where do I fit God? Like, I'm a professional woman. I've been a professional for 25 years, right? So some people come to me for the professional aspect. How do I lead better my career path, you know, challenges in the work place, specifically in education, because that's my career field. But I'm also Holy Ghost filled, like, I am a preacher. I am a minister, right. But I don't always feel that I fit completely in the church, just in the church, right? Because I have this professional hat as well. And sometimes I feel like I need to be one or the other. And just recently, so even specifically concerning my LinkedIn, right, so on my LinkedIn, I share clips of these podcast episodes. And I'm like, ain't nobody talking about Jesus only. No, I'm telling myself like, within the last week, I was thinking, well, maybe I need to do one set of content from length. And another set of content for this. And this part will be ministry and this part will be professional. But as you are speaking, I hear the Lord saying, Nah, no, do what I told you. This is tailor made is tape, because I'm all of these things. I am all of these things. And that compartmentalizing of who we are. Well over here, I'd be a minister. And over here, I'll be a professional woman. And over here, I'll be a mom and a wife. And over here that is exhausting. It's exhausting. It's exhausting. So it is freeing me. In this moment as you talk about this vision and Tasha is a dreamer, you're, she's a dreamer, God speaks to her dreams. And as you're sharing your dream and your vision, gods like no, we you will not, you will not bow to the algorithms you will not bow to the pattern of the world. You are a minister who is called to the field of education. You are a minister who is called to corporate and the people that are assigned to me will hear this call and they will connect I don't have to pretend that I'm not that right. I don't have to pretend and even when I go in so when I go in to speak at a university or when I go in to speak at a company I can't always say cheeses you know I can't always everything I'm teaching comes from the word of God comes from the word every man and that's all I need. And by the way for him that's what you need to write. It's still ministry no matter where I am. And as you were speaking, I hear the Lord saying, no, no you being exactly this pattern is specifically for you. And there is somebody out there who straight corporate and that's all they are and if that's what you need, you need to call Bam. But if you need breakthrough in your corporate, if you need breakthrough in your university if people need to be free, so that they can be their best, best and be brilliant that when you call PBTS. Fine. That's right. That's right. And be okay with that. To be okay with them calling the other person, that's okay. And that's okay. That's okay. That's okay. Because what you're gonna get over here. And when I try to do those assignments, they never fit. They never fit. They never never fit. Oh, never fit Taisha, you were talking about having trouble moving from just having happy moments into joy. So can you talk a little bit about how you make that transition from just happy moments or being stuck and happy to living in joy. So one of the things that I have been making a number one priority for myself, is to stay out of people's faith. It's a gospel more, say more. For me, stepping away from always looking for happiness, but pursuing joy has looked like me having to say no to so much of the conversations with people, no to so many of the gatherings or outings with people. And going back to prioritizing what I know is most important, which is me spending time with the Lord. Because what sometimes we fail to realize is that joy is only found in His presence. Come on. I can go with my friends and find happiness. I can spend time with my husband and find happiness. But joy is only found in the presence of the Lord. So when I prioritize spending time with the Lord, rather that's in my word and prayer and just meditating on something the Lord has given me, and just digging deeper into it to see what does he speak into my spirit. That's where the joy is found. That's where the joy is found. That's what I'm I'm realizing for myself. And I think that for me, the misconception has been that I was doing enough. And what I had to realize is that is a really that's how we can say I spent enough time with the Lord who come on, I spent enough time and my word, I spent enough time praying today. The word tells us to pray continually without faith, then yeah, all throughout the day. There's never too much. You know, we've heard that at times, but you don't want too much. But for me, and for me to enjoy joy, and be able to reside there. There's never too much. And what I'm what I'm understanding what I'm learning is that it doesn't matter what anybody else's Walker looks like. It doesn't matter what anybody else decides to do what they're in their relationship with the Lord. This is my personal relationship with the Lord. And while I thank my parents, because they raised us knowing I'm talking about me and my siblings, knowing that the relationship is what's important. The relationship with the Lord is what's important. But it wasn't until just several years ago when I really had to understand that I wasn't doing enough. And so that's where I am now when I think about just understanding what the joy of the Lord really looks like. For me, it's just knowing how to put aside things that will be happy, you know, causing happiness but seek joy. And it's a choice. You know, Joy is a choice. Yeah. And I have to understand that everybody's not choosing joy. And that's okay. That's that's their decision to make. But I I know that I need Joy especially for you need joy, especially for a word God is willing to take you for the people you want you to to reach. You need joy, we need joy. We don't need bouts of happiness and ups and downs, we need to be able to show that there is a that we serve a God that is able to no matter what's going on in our life, we have joy on the mountaintops. And we have joy when we're in the valley. Yeah. And we have to be able to demonstrate that. And the only way that we can is when we spend time in the presence of the Lord. And so that's, that's what I'm, that's what I'm learning. Even the more as I get older, and as I experienced certain things in my life, I'm learning even the more how important that joy is for me. Yeah, when you were talking about, you know, that phase where you felt like, Oh, I'm doing enough, right? It's almost what came to my mind is, according to who like, who is your standard? Who is it? Who is your standard? Because if you compare yourself to other people, while I'm doing more than so and so I'm doing more than why Sony, why is a fallible person, your standard? Yeah, that's not your standard, God is your standard, you want to be perfect as he is perfect, that word perfect means mature, you are to be mature as he is mature. Now, according to what typisch is doing, not according to what PBJ is. Because we are we are imperfect, do not compare yourself to us. We are not your standard, he is the standard. And if he is the standard, that means we will never meet it. I press towards the mark. It's a continual press. It's a continual press, because that standard is not reachable as long as we're in this flesh suit. Right. But we continue to pursue it, not because he keeps moving the marker, not because he needs us to pursue it. But because we need to pursue it. That's right. That's where the joy is found is in His presence and the press. It's in his presence. That's the only place joy is found. Comes now one of many. Okay, so you are an accomplished realtor. Like you're not playing no games, right? We don't play games over here. Accomplished realtor, you have made money, you have won awards, you have mentored and trained other people. So you mean to tell me joy wasn't found in any of those accomplishments? Wow. Wow, as you put it like that? Oh, happiness was found in him. That's right. I was extremely excited, Happy Happiness was found in him. Who but joy. When you put it like that, I will say that. That's those times where you you confuse happiness with joy. And they're just not the same. And they're just not the same. And I think one now that you bring it up in that way, one of the reasons why I know that there was happiness there but joy was lacking was because it goes back to the expression of gifts that mean you have had conversations about and all those things. I am expressing the giftings that God has placed within me to do those things as I serve other people. But at the same time, for some reason, I felt as though I had to compartmentalize myself goes back to what you said. We're going to be this real estate agent and I'm operating in this van then over here, I want to encourage people in the Lord and then over here I want to do had I understood that they all go together Yeah. Then then I know that there would have been joy throughout that journey. And not just thoughts of happiness. But like it goes back to trying to compartmentalize it. It does and and I wanted to say it that way because listening to this podcast, we have many accomplished women accomplished women who love God, listen to this podcast. And sometimes we feel like what the next accomplishment will fill this void the next degree The next award the next major sale the next accomplishment if I can just get to the next one. This one didn't do it. But if I can just get to the next one. it'll fill that void and as women who have accomplished much praise the lord thank God for as women who have accomplished much we're here to tell you that only God oh my God and even when he said it like say it like that. You're happy there but then what else is being neglected or what else is being what else are we not paying attention to our what else are we not? Don't have our hands on? because we're focused here on on the accomplishments on the next accomplishment, or the next thing, or the next award or, or the next feat, whatever that looks like, and sometimes we can find ourselves in that in that mode of just going, going going. And so even for me, and that, I realized that yes, accomplished here, but what what else was not getting my attention? Is Was it my marriage? Was it my children? Was it my own self care? Taking care of taking care of my mind taking care of my body? So we also have to look at what are we saying no to while we're over here saying yes. Because I feel like when we sit down, like you said earlier, and we surrender it all and say, Okay, God, show me how to do this show, show me how to do this. Show me how to do this. And he started showing me how to do this and how to do how to be the real estate agent, how to be the wife, how to be the mother, how to be the coach, how to be the instructor how to be the speaker. He had to show me how to do that. So that again, we weren't compartmentalizing so that there can be joy found and all of it tailored me and not feeling like I did this now let me go do this. Let me find the energy to go do this. Yeah, Joy Joy is everlasting fountain. Yes. So we don't have to go find the energy there's a wellspring flowing and even you mentioned earlier even on whether the day is good or whether the day is tough. You have an everlasting fountain on the inside of you so we no longer allow our emotions to be tugged from one side to the other. And if we do and if we do, we can quickly come back to center Yeah, because of this wellspring of joy Taisha how do we protect our joy how do we maintain joy because life be life and all day long? All day long. Oh my gosh. Ooh. Transparent moment before we hopped on Oh my I was feeling some kind of way because my morning It started off and then it kind of it it tried to derail it so and I could feel myself going getting agitated and a little irritated, irritated and I did I had a little bit of attitude this morning. No one little I had an attitude this morning. This morning I think that one of the things that to protect us on that roller coaster ride is one is we have to protect what we take in protect what we listen to what do we listen into? Parts protect what we're seeing, what are we what are we reading? What are we putting our eyes on? What what are we looking at? So to me, I know that when I protect what's coming in I'm more conscious of what's going out. Yes, man. When I know that I've taken time to again, pray, read read my read my word, whether it's a scripture or a several scriptures or whatever God lays on my heart to do when I do that. And I'm protecting what we call our gates. Yes. When I'm protecting them. I am able to acknowledge when I'm going sideways quicker. Yes, ma'am. And bring it back. Yeah. So for me, I think that it's more so becoming a matter of protecting what's coming in. So then I can be more cognizant of what's going out and not just what's going out my mouth but just just my body language. What's going out in general? Yeah, because I can feel when I start feeling like that the Holy Spirit quickly comes in and quickens me and brings me right back like you said to center and for me bringing that rep right back to centers bring me right back to gratitude to st God, but I thank you. I thank you and forgive me. Yes. And I thought I thank you. I thank you for even just bringing it to my attention Yeah, yeah, you what you're describing is, this is not a walk of perfection. We're a beaut that this is not a walk of perfection. This is not a, I'm floating on clouds, and I'm joyful every moment and I never get an attitude and I never get what I call a little crunchy. We all get a little crunchy. Okay. But but the key is to recognize it, yeah. To be aware enough of myself and my soul, to know where I'm going in a different direction and not to continue in that direction. But disrupt that pattern, and get back to peace. Get back to peace, get back to Joy, get back to gratitude, right. So this walk with God, it's that it's a walk. So walk with God and your children are gonna frustrate you, your spouse is gonna frustrate you, the people that you work with, like things are gonna happen, your schedule is not gonna go the way you plan, like, things are going to happen, things are going, and even more serious things may come up in my brother. But the key, the key is to recognize to have that connection with Holy Spirit, that will, that will convict your heart and said, No, come back, come back. Come back. Don't go that direction. Don't, don't meditate there. Don't focus there. Don't stay there. Don't, don't stay there. You might go there. But you don't have to stay there. Don't stay there. Come back to peace. Come back to two. So come back to the spring. Come back. Scripture that says guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows to issues of life, it literally means to set up a guard around your soul is not talking about the heart that beats but it's talking about your emotions, your will Yeah, your mind set up a guard around your soul so that you know that you have some control over what's coming in. Because the key is not the key is not what's coming out. It's what's coming in. Is was what goes in, man, they gotta guard what goes in, in order to manage what comes out. And you know that what that that's gonna look different for everybody what it takes for you to guard. You're so maybe different than what it takes me. Yeah. And that goes back to that question of who decided what enough was. Because what what is going to take for you could be different than me, I might have to go through some extra steps. And it might look like faster than, you know, weekly, it may look like fast. And every time that I'm prompt to fast, and you know, I I keep communion on my desk, because I know that there are times that I am prompt, it's not every day. It's not every day, but there are times when the Holy Spirit says, Go downstairs, get a communion cup. Pray, remember, and I have to come down here and I will get one. And I will sit with it. And I will thank God and I will pray. And I know for me when I've when I'm obedient to do that. I can feel the energy in my body shifting. Yes, man. Out of the obedience of doing it. I can feel the energy in my body shifting. But what if I say no, I'm not. I got other things to do. I don't have time to go. I'm already running late. I got something else I need to do. I don't have time to do that today. It's in those moments where it can go anyway. Yeah. But being willing to be obedient to acknowledge the Holy Spirit saying, Oh, come on. Come on back. Come on back. Let's get this let's get this right. Just feels right. You know, so obedience plays a big part. And the joy that we choose are not come on the joy that we choose or not. Oh Tiesha. I will probably go on keep talking because that's what we do. But we do have to let the folks go before I want you to tell us how do you define disruption so the way that I define disruption is stepping outside of your comfort zone. And the reason why I define disruption that way is because I feel that the minute that you decide to make a choice to step outside of your comfort zone and allow yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit for me. Anything is liable to happen. Anything is live and a half. And so when we think about the disruption we're thinking about, I think about things being shaken up. I think about things just being interrupted for the good. And I think that when God takes us out of our comfort zone, he's like, we're about to disrupt some things. We're about to shake it up. I got you all come through all I'm about to I'm about to have you step into some unknown territory, so that you can shake some things up and become disruptive. Yes, that's a good way. So that's what disruption means for me. Okay, so I need to ask you one more question. And if you want me to, if you want me to cut this, I will. But it's been bugging me the whole time. So I'm gonna be obedient. A few weeks ago, you had a dream about a dark room? Yes. Would you mind sharing that dream in that revelation with us? Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. So yeah, a couple of weeks ago, I had a dream that God had given me and I was in a warehouse looking wrong. Similar to your Costco on your Sam's warehouse, and I walked into this room, and it was dark. And so you can imagine what a big warehouse looks like when it's dark, you can't see anything, you just can feel this massive room. What as I began to walk into the room, I can see that there were people of all ages, children, adults, and they were standing still like mannequins is what they look like, and the train, they were frozen in place. And whatever activity they were doing, they were frozen in that in that place. So everybody was doing something different. And they were all frozen. And I began to walk through this warehouse, and just really wondering why everybody was standing still, but also more so when and why the lights were off, because it was such a big space. And as I began to walk past the people and look at them in their state, I also began to walk to the wall. So I can turn lights on just really at that time was for me to be able to see what was in that room. And so I began to turn the lights on. And you know, in a big warehouse, how lights kind of come on, and sections that kind of come on and roll. So all the lights didn't come on at one time. But as the lights began to illuminate and shine in the building, people began to start moving, they began to resume whatever activity it was that they were doing. So as the lights progressively turned on throughout the warehouse, everyone just came back to life. And nobody saw me. But I was watching them. And I noticed that in the far corner of the room, the light switch had not been turned on yet. And so I walked over there and there was a gentleman and he was holding a basketball. And I flipped the light switch in the room that he was in. And he began to just start that bounce in the basketball. And I stood there. And I looked at all these people, and here they are moving and during their regular activities. And I just began to wonder why. Why were they even in the dark in the first place? Why were they in the dark in the first place? And I didn't know and I didn't have an answer for it at that time. But what I knew was, it was time for me to go. So I started turning the lights off in the warehouse. And as I turned the lights off in the warehouse, I noticed that everybody froze again. And so I turned all the lights off and I left and I got up that morning and I laughed a little bit because I felt like maybe a pizza drink. Maybe what was that really about? And I laughed a little bit about it. But as I got up that morning, and I got ready to go I was headed to a Pilates class. And the Holy Spirit says I would drive and turn around and go back home. And I said to myself go back home like I'm going to Pilates like I'm not going back home and then Holy Spirit said again, go back home. One of the things I've been praying about previous to this was about obedience. When God tells me to do something to just do it, and not need to have so many answers or reasons behind why. And the second time the Holy Spirit said turn back around and go home. I began to compromise I was like I'm gonna lose this Pilates credit. Pilates credit is money. I don't want to if I turn around and I lose his Pilates credit you better be good when I get home now that's just my my humor to myself as I was talking out loud to the Holy Spirit, but I did I turned my car around the second time that he told me to my car when I turned my car around, and I came back home, not really knowing what I was coming back home to do, I thought maybe okay, we're going to some stretches in the living room or something. So as I walk in your house Hotspurs, get your journal, and just go sit on the floor in the living room. So I get my journal book, and I go sit on the floor in the living room, I'm just sitting there. And he, I could feel his spirits like no music, no talking, I want you to sit here and listen to me. And as I sat there, listening, just sat there for a minute. And it's one of the things that I struggled with is how to quiet myself, just quiet myself to just listen to listen to what the Lord is telling me and what Laura's directing me to but on this day, I felt a sense of calm, I just felt like my whole body was quiet. And still even my mind was quiet. And I didn't feel any, you know, all the the noise. And as I sat there, the Holy Spirit began to minister to me instead, and brought back the dream back to my remembrance, every single part of it. And as he began to show me the dream, and show me that the people who are not moving, the Holy Spirit said, You need to tell the people that they can move in the dark. And at first, I didn't really understand I just began to write everything that the Lord was given me. And he said, tell the people that they can move in the dark. And when I began to think about that, and so Spirit began to reveal it more to me. Not just that he showed me myself, but he showed me so many reasons why people get stuck in the dark, we get stuck in the dark one, the reasons that we talked about today, we're trying to live up to other people's expectations, and we get lost, that's dark, we're lost, we get lost in darkness there. We're disappointed. We are confused. We don't know which way to go. We've had things happen in our lives of that has caused trauma beyond anyone's that they can even think anything imaginable. We've had experiences that have caused us to get stuck. We've had things happen to us that we can't even explain. And so we just stopped, we freeze with fear. And the Holy Spirit said, tell them that they can move in the dark, we don't have to get stuck in one spot when we feel like we lost our way or or we're confused or we're stuck. But we can still move. But the key is, and that is that. One reason why we don't move is because we get so caught up in how the Holy Spirit showed it to me is we get so caught up and being able to see everything with our eyes, we get so caught up with the need to have to see the next step. And I knew that not only was he just talking to me to share this with other people, but he was talking directly to me. Because we feel like I can't take another step unless I can see it. Unless I know exactly what this is going to turn out to be if I if I can see what you're doing God then yes, I'm going to move. If I can see the door to Turn the doorknob, I'll go out the door. If I can see the staircase I'll take the step and host purchase the cancer remind me of the scripture that we walk by faith not by sight and that there is nothing that he has called us to do that needs our Natural Vision. Everything that he has called us to do is by faith. If we need it, if our Natural Vision was required, and we wouldn't need a savior, we there will be no need for him to send the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us in all things. Because I don't need somebody to guide me when I can see for myself, come on. And so for me when God just began to reveal that dream to me, there's there's so many people and myself included I was in that place where I had to see to move because it was dark, not dark and hear me because I'm not talking about dark because of sin. I'm not talking about it's dark because you're living this life of sin. You're living you know this life that you know you weren't created to live. I'm talking about just life. Yeah. As you stuck in that that feels dark. I remember when my brother died that had nothing to do with me limit and said that was dark. Yeah. I lost someone that meant everything to me. That was dark. I was stuck. I was stuck. I was stuck. I didn't move for a long time. If I didn't move, I didn't know how to move. So when we find ourselves in places like that, from Lawson, and loss of job, grieving things that you thought should have been better, not, whether it's a job, whether it's, it could be anything because we can grieve anything that we that we lose. All those things get can get us to a place where it gets dark around us, and we get stuck and we stop moving. But in that dream, when God showed it to me and revealed it to me, at the end of the day, what I know, he wanted me to get up off that floor with are two things. Don't let my circumstances the situation or what it looks like to stop me from moving. And the second thing was, remember, I don't need eyes on this journey. I just need faith. And in that faith, I need to continue to stay in his presence so I can hear his voice so I can recognize it. Because he's speaking to us. And if I just walk in that direction if I just walk, continue to walk in that direction. It's going to get live. I'm not going to be in confusion, always I'm not going to be in turmoil. Always. I'm not going to be grasping for straws, always I'm not going to be and bouts of happiness and sadness and emotional rollercoaster always. But I have to keep on listening and being led. And I can't worry about what I can't see. I can't worry about what I can't see. And I have to understand that things I do see don't even concern me. Amen. Yeah, so we have to we have to walk in the dark. And I had a this weekend. A pastor mentioned she said that. At one point in time in her life. She felt like she was in the basement. And her her mother made the comment, you know, you're in the basement because that's where her her emotions were. That's where That's where she felt she was in the basement. And we spoke and even in that there's joy in the basement. Yeah, there's joy. We can experience the joy in the darkness. Yeah. But we have to keep on moving. It's just like stagnant water. Life there's no life and stagnant water. There's no live view is no life and stagnant water. There's life and water that's flowing. That's moving. Well, we become stagnant. There's there's no life and that. So we have to continue to move. Yeah. Amen. Amen. Thank you for sharing that. I know somebody needed it. At somebody listening needed to hear that. I need to hear it again. I love you. I love you too. This was so this was good for this was good for me this morning. This was good for me to reflect and remember while we're on this journey, and what it's really about what it's really about what is really about this, thank you. Because this was for me today. Tasia you have to tell the people how to find you, or follow you how to listen to your podcast, please let them know. Yes. So I am on Instagram. You can find me at Tiesha TIESHA underscore a Andrews. And my podcast is called Amplified Impact because that's what we're doing. We are amplifying our impact. And so that's app can be found on Apple podcasts and Spotify and big waffles wherever podcasts are I Heart Radio. So I'm excited. That's a new journey for me podcasting and so I would definitely be appreciative if you come on over and listen and just show me some encouragement. I can continue on, you know, just being obedient to what God is telling me to do in this season in that space. Amen. Amen. Listen, all the links are going to be in the show notes. So y'all go over and download and follow, amplified impact and make sure you go to Instagram and follow Tiesha and Sister, I'm gonna close with this. I want you to be encouraged. keep sowing the seed and keep being obedient, because the obedience is the success. Yes, yeah, obedience is the success. Every time he tells you to crack a mic, crack that mic. Every time he tells you to record something recorded and posted. Obedience is the success and he's not a He's not a man that he shall lie. Every seed that you sown has to be multiplied back and harvest because that's what he said. That's that's word. That's what he said. Listen, we gotta let y'all go. Another conversation. We will, as always friends, you are powerful. You are significant. And you are so dearly loved. You can move in the dark. Keep moving towards this voice. Love your back.