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Lead: The Silent Epidemic

March 16, 2021 Juanique and Tristin Roney Season 1 Episode 81
Gutsy Health | Nutrition and Medicine
Lead: The Silent Epidemic
Show Notes

Show Summary:  “It causes so many things because it's one of the most potent neurotoxins known to man, and it also impacts pretty much every biological system, but there's no outward symptom.”

Moms are known for being very protective of their little ones. But the question is, how far are they willing to go to give the best life to their kids? How much effort can they give to raise awareness to their fellow moms about the toxins contributing to children's brain damage?

In this episode, Juanique and Gina ask Tamara Rubin everything she knows about the harmful effects of Lead. Tamara is a child health advocate, author, environmental activist, and documentary filmmaker. Her son was acutely poisoned when a painter they hired used an open flame torch to burn the paint off their house's exterior. Now, he has severe OCD, has ADHD and Dyslexia, and all sorts of learning disabilities. This ignited her mission even more, to tell the world, specifically moms, to protect their kids from the dangers of Lead.

She publishes new blogs almost every day and educates people where it exists, such as toys and even cooking dishes. Listen as she shares tips on properly choosing the best materials you can use at home to minimize your family's exposure to Lead.

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Exceptional Highlight:

  • Main forms of exposure are inhalation and ingestion. But the thing is it's not like eating paint chips. That's a myth. A child doesn't need to eat a paint chip to be poisoned.
  • The Lead industry have made a concerted effort to hide this information from us intentionally, to hide the damaging impacts of Lead
  • The same people who worked on the tobacco industry campaigns to make sure that you think cigarettes are safe are those people who also initially designed the Lead poisoning obfuscation campaign, making you think that Lead paint is safe.

Show Highlights: 

Why is Lead a silent epidemic?

Tamara 1:08

  • But the reason it's a silent epidemic or a secret epidemic is because there's no outward symptom.

Do any toys have any kind of metal in it?

Tamara 8:38

  • I do want to give people some hope. As much as there's Lead in everything, we also need to not be afraid and we need to not live in fear.

How does XRF instrument work?

Tamara 13:25 - 

  • If your readers or listeners go to eBay and look for a used XRF instrument, they're going to find used ones from 5 to $10,000. The problem is that's not the right instrument. The instrument I use is the one specifically used by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.