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Healing- How We Are Doing It Wrong

April 06, 2021 Juanique and Tristin Roney Season 1 Episode 84
Gutsy Health | Nutrition and Medicine
Healing- How We Are Doing It Wrong
Show Notes

Show Summary:  “When I'm sitting down with my five coaches and we're going over training and cases, they say, everyone's foundational issues are almost identical. You actually are very unique, please embrace your uniqueness. But disease is not. Disease oftentimes all stems from the same root causes. People don't implement the basics because they don't understand them and they don't see the value behind implementing basics because it's too basic.”

Gutsy Health started when Tristin was diagnosed with cancer a few years back. It became their motivation to study and open a clinic to help and educate people about healing; It also sparked Juanique's mission to save Tristin. They created courses, memberships, and the podcast to spread their word and make micro changes worldwide.

Despite all the great things they have built, their uphill battle continues. When Tristin's cancer came back, and his body was giving up because of the tumor, his doctor told Juanique that he only had two weeks to live. But like what they say, "You can't put a good man down!". Miraculously, Tristin is gradually bouncing back and is now doing great!

Fueled by their mission, Juanique, and Tristin, together with their good friend, Gina Worful,  a Registered Dietitian, created a program that consists of complimentary classes, a new membership, and consultations that break down everything you should know, even the basic components, so you can get a clear grasp of what's truly going on inside your body. Listen until the end of the episode and find out how to be a part of the program.

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Exceptional Highlight:

  • You have to be the interpreter of your body's language.
  • Our bodies have this incredible intelligence to keep us alive. They want to stay alive. We were put on Earth to be the highest version of ourselves,
  • These classes will teach you how to heal your body from the ground up. From energy and mindset to mitochondria to gut, liver, adrenals, hormones, and brain.

Show Highlights: 

A little update about Juanique and Tristin

Juanique 1:23

  • This business is an extension of me, and it's my passion project. It's not even a business; it's who I am. And it started because of Tristin's cancer. It began with the burning fire because the doctor told us that he wouldn't live past two years.

What idea keeps Juanique awake at night?

Juanique 22:09 

  • I want to explain this diagram to you guys because I think I did it at 1 AM.  I literally stay up at night, trying to figure out the world's problems and I was thinking, "How can we help people heal themselves?"

Let your body be your trainer

Gina 35:00

Let your body be your trainer. I think a lot of people have a fear of, "Well if I just listened to my body, it'll be just sitting on the couch."  But truly, we need to check in on it. When I  got honest with what my body wanted, it wanted to move in so many different ways.

What’s in the program?

Juanique 45:00

There are three options. You can just buy one of the parts. You can buy the Foundations of The Food and Health part if that's what you want to focus on, or you can buy the Heal Your Whole Body Roadmap part.