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Master Your Subconscious To Heal Yourself

April 13, 2021 Juanique and Tristin Roney Season 1 Episode 85
Gutsy Health | Nutrition and Medicine
Master Your Subconscious To Heal Yourself
Show Notes

Show Summary: “Take the reins of your subconscious; The embodiment of your power.”

All human beings have experienced stress, toxicity, or trauma, which changed their perception of life. Some survived it, but some are still living in their dark past, which negatively affects their way of thinking and ability to make decisions.

Implanting different subconscious programming to human beings' minds since childhood takes them away from knowing their real identity, contributing to someone's suffering. But to heal is to grow; to grow is to heal. No matter how difficult or challenging it may sound, it can be simply done if you know the right tools and steps.

That's why Juanique, together with Audrey Taylor, have created a workshop to help you change your current mindset and thought patterns and help you reclaim your power back and take charge of your life. Their goal is to teach you how to fill your love and energy cup and attract the caliber of relationship & results you have with yourself.

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Exceptional Highlight:

  • Trauma doesn't come through intellectually; It comes in emotionally and energetically.
  • Your trauma is not your fault, but it's your responsibility to heal it.
  • I create my future by releasing the past.
  • All betrayal is self-betrayal.


Show Highlights: 

What kind of workshop are Juanique and Aubrey putting up?

Aubrey 4:30

  • We are designing for you all a beautiful Master Your Subconscious Workshop. We have been talking about the tools that people are using that are getting them a little bit of progress, but then maybe they plateau, flatline, or fall flat on their face, and they feel like they try, but it just doesn't work. So we wanted to talk about some of those things that maybe have a little bit of positive change but aren't like the full shebang, and you feel stuck.

What do we do to heal?

Juanique 8:23

  • Something that you've mentioned to members in the past is that we have to have an identity crisis for us to heal. And that is terrifying. In fact, for most people, that's probably scarier than facing your disease because your disease feels tangible. The identity crisis is who you are, and this is your ego. We have to go back to the beginning and recognize our part in playing out these stories and energy.

What is the victim-villain-hero analogy?

Juanique 17:54

  • Often, when we are in a situation that doesn't serve us, we play the victim, and there's a villain out there who's attacking you, and you want a hero. Part of the identity crisis is saying there are no victims, and there are no villains, there are no heroes, there's just being accountable for your part.

Three things to do in the workshop to solidify change 

Aubrey 29:14

  • We need something that is going to initiate a real subconscious shift. That would be an immersive workshop, not a seminar, not something where you are a passive participant and recipient of all this information.
  • We’ll be (1)  teaching you, and then (2) you’ll be teaching each other and (3) we’ll be standing by as you practice independently.