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Lies You've Been Told About Salt

May 11, 2021 Juanique and Tristin Roney
Gutsy Health | Nutrition and Medicine
Lies You've Been Told About Salt
Show Notes

Show Summary: “We need sodium to help us adequately maintain our blood pressure. We need it to support our brain, our adrenals, and our digestion.”

We need salt in our bodies. Studies from the American Journal of Medicine show that low salt intake causes more cardiovascular disease risk factors than extremely high intake. The adrenal, which produces cortisol, needs sodium to help our bodies adapt to stress. 

But we should know which type of salt to consume and not. Like other processed foods, salt can also be manufactured. Sadly, other manufacturers pull out the nutrients from it to make the cost cheaper, which you have to get rid of to avoid certain diseases.

In this episode with Darryl Bosshardt, one of the founders of the Redmond Red Salt, you'll discover what natural whole salt is and its difference from the one you see in the market. In addition, you'll find out how the human body reacts to a salt substitute.

Exceptional Highlight:

  • Throw out the idea of looking for sea salt, and start looking for natural whole salt.
  • Every single cell in the body requires sodium.
  • Salt is a very inexpensive preservative, and it's even cheaper if it's manufactured because they've already pulled out the nutrients. So if you're eating processed foods, you're getting high amounts of processed salt, which is a bad combination.


Show Highlights: 

Is salt really bad for us, and should we eliminate it from our diet?

Darryl 5:00

  • Salt's job in the body is to regulate intracellular and extracellular fluids. So when those fluids are out of balance, it does cause, or it can cause problems. So these doctors did a study on rats and fed them copious amounts of sodium, and sure enough, they had some problems. And that'd be true for everything.

Does lack of salt affect your food digestion?

Juanique 9:42

  • If you're decreasing your salt intake, you don't have enough sustenance to create hydrochloric acid in the stomach to break down your food. Therefore, you're not absorbing your food and would have malabsorption. Consequently, you start to get sick. So we need this salt to get the chloride to pump it into our stomach to break down our food.

What should we know about the world of iodized salt?

Darryl 20:27

  • Most people, especially women, are iodine deficient for several reasons, whether that's halogen toxicity, diet, or many different factors involved. Most people should be going out of their way to seek good sources of iodine, be that food or a good clean iodine supplement. But salt is not the way to get iodine.

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