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Couple of the Quarter | Jennifer & Matt Hoadley

June 21, 2022 Carolyn Coffin and Kim Senechal Episode 90
Inspired Soles
Couple of the Quarter | Jennifer & Matt Hoadley
Show Notes

We are excited to welcome another Couple of the Quarter - Jennifer & Matt Hoadley!  Jenn & Matt met in college in Maine and now live just south of Boston, MA with their two children.  While Jenn ran track as a child and into college, Matt didn’t discover his love for running until shortly after he got sober and became a recovering alcoholic in 2013.  Kim met both Matt and Jenn at Gorge Waterfalls in April of this year, and in one short evening discovered they both have an incredible story to share. In this episode, we discuss:

  • Matt’s realization he needed to make a big change after he hit bottom
  • His decision to get sober cold turkey
  • How Matt started and Jenn returned to running later in life
  • How running has become a big part of their lives as they now run 100 milers together!
  • How they keep their running passion in check and work together to stay in balance in a sport that doesn’t lend itself well to moderation
  • We also discuss the paradox of how ultrarunning attracts many in recovery, and how the sport also ironically has a strong beer culture.

Jenn and Matt have been through a lot together and they have come out of life’s challenges stronger than ever, both as a couple and as runners. 

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