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Amy Puzey | Accessing Your Intuition

August 23, 2022 Carolyn Coffin and Kim Senechal Episode 99
Inspired Soles
Amy Puzey | Accessing Your Intuition
Show Notes

Amy Puzey is a holistic nutritionist, wife and mother of six, and a long time competitive trail runner who lives in Invermere, BC.  She was the Canadian Mountain Running Champion in 2009 and has represented Canada twice at the World Mountain Running Trophy.  Amy has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and has a history of directing 5Peaks and the Trans Selkirks Run. Although she trained as a nurse originally, after a few years she realized she would rather work on the preventative side of health and switched into nutrition.  She became passionate about researching the enzyme phytase and through her company Access Nutrients, hopes that some day phytase be used as part of a preventative, and possibly even a treatment regimen, in impoverished populations suffering from infectious diseases.  We talk about how important it is that the nutrition we eat actually be absorbed in the gut, and how the absence of this impacts overall health. We also talk about her desire to show her children the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle through both nutrition and exercise.

Amy is a passionate, committed, gutsy lady who has defended her need to stay true to herself and the projects she has felt called to pursue.  There was so much to talk about with Amy, that we have already decided this will be Part 1 of 2.

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Resources we discussed in the episode:

  • Favourite Place to Run: Alpine trails (when the larches are out)
  • Bucket List Race: A race in France
  • Favourite Running Movie: Chariots of Fire
  • Favourite Post Run Indulgence: Beer

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