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The Anatomy of a DNF | Kim & Carolyn

September 27, 2022 Carolyn Coffin and Kim Senechal Episode 104
Inspired Soles
The Anatomy of a DNF | Kim & Carolyn
Show Notes
Today we discuss a subject that’s not talked about nearly enough….the DNF (did not finish). 

We start by sharing about our most recent DNFs which happened for entirely different reasons. Then we explore:

  • Other reasons why a DNF might happen
  • How much dwelling on it is productive
  • Why processing your feelings is important
  • How to mine for any hidden lessons
  • What we mean by “little quits” and what to do if they become a pattern
  • How to move on from a DNF and even help others in the process
  • Why forgiving yourself is key 
We hope this episode is informative & instructive, and for anyone who has experienced a DNF or disappointing race in their running career, we also hope it makes you feel less alone.

Resources we discuss in this episode:

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