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Dan Klco | Running & Your Mental Health - Is It Always Good?

January 10, 2023 Carolyn Coffin and Kim Senechal Episode 119
Inspired Soles
Dan Klco | Running & Your Mental Health - Is It Always Good?
Show Notes

Dan Klco identifies foremost as a husband and father to his three amazing children. He is an advanced psychotherapist who’s trained with some of the foremost leaders in the psychology field in Canada. His practice as a clinical counselor includes somatic focus work (ISTDP) on mental health experiences including severe depression and anxiety, pain management, addictions, sexual health, and complex medically unexplained conditions. Dan is also trained in other modalities such as EMDR, DNF, and other evidence based cognitive methods. He specializes in Forest Therapy and holistic approaches to achieving overall health and wellness. Dan also served several tours overseas as a military pilot. A lifelong athlete, he has participated in sports since an early age. A 35+ year practitioner of karate, as well as a triathlete, skier, and hunter, he likes to spend much of his free time participating in and playing sports; they are integral to his optimal mental health. 

In this episode, we have a fascinating conversation with Dan about running & mental health.  We discuss:

  • How running & physical fitness plays an important role in mental health
  • The benefits of running with regards to mental health
  • Neurochemical responses that take place during and after running
  • How runners can prepare for and handle the “crash” after a race
  • Is there a dark side to running & mental health?
  • Where to go if you need further support.

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