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Aldo Furlan | Volunteer in Motion

January 31, 2023 Carolyn Coffin and Kim Senechal Episode 122
Inspired Soles
Aldo Furlan | Volunteer in Motion
Show Notes

Aldo Furlan is a 58-year old kindergarten teacher, avid runner, and all-around awesome human who gives back tirelessly to his running community in Winnipeg. In addition to coaching middle school track and cross country, he is heavily involved with the Manitoba Runners’ Association, Teds Run for Literacy, the Winnipeg 10&10 and the Manitoba Marathon.

In this episode Aldo tells us about being “crippled by a 4-year old” many years ago and how his journey through rehab and back to running inspired him to write one heck of a poem titled Ode to My Lateral Meniscus. More recently while dealing with an assortment of common running niggles, he put pen to paper once again with Bag of Pain.

Two of the most fun ways Aldo gives back is through his weekend pop-ups all summer long throughout Winnipeg, as well as the Polar Bare run every January 1st in Assiniboine Park. Be sure to listen to the very end when he tells us about the Not Since Moses race in Nova Scotia every August.

Ode to my Lateral Meniscus 

There’s a lexicon of terms out there and they’re not hard to find

A few of them are great to use when meniscus come to to mind 

For you can call it healthy or you can call it fine

Like the beautiful aroma of a nine ounce glass of wine

You can say that it’s dependable, just like a St.Bernard

Who chases away vandals trespassing in your yard. 

You can say that it’s pristine as a freshly poured draft beer

A welcomed cold libation when the finish line is near. 

You can say that it’s as mighty as a herd of elephants 

With all the durability of brand new denim pants.

You can say that it’s delightful like a steeping pot of tea, 

This most integral part of an articulating knee.

You can say it is hearty or you can say that it is sound

Just like the wisdom of a friend you like to have around.

You can tell me that it’s sturdy or you can say that it is tough 

There are not limits to what you say but the right word is enough. 

You can say “spectacular”or you can say “Robust”

But for you to use the proper term is definitely a must. 

So choose your words quite carefully my friends as you now know what I mean

For to call it “unremarkable” is really quite obscene!

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