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2:50 Marathoner...While Dribbling a Basketball! | Steffan Reimer

October 19, 2021 Carolyn Coffin and Kim Senechal Episode 56
Inspired Soles
2:50 Marathoner...While Dribbling a Basketball! | Steffan Reimer
Show Notes

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing brand new Guinness World Record Holder, Steffan Reimer. Steffan is a 32 year old Physical Education teacher and accomplished runner with a marathon PB of 2:37:16, so naturally when he discovered that the world record for dribbling a basketball while running a marathon was 3:00:25, he knew he had to go after it. Steffan was ultimately successful in this quirky but seriously challenging pursuit in the Manitoba Marathon, crossing the finish line in an impressive 2:50:33 and beating the previous record by almost 10 minutes. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • How the idea came about & why he was reluctant to tell his running friends about it
  • The hoops he had to jump through to ensure that Guinness would ratify the record
  • What his training looked like
  • The critical mistake he made on race day that almost cost him the record
  • What a basketball looks like after >10,000 dribbles
  • And why it was important to him to involve his 4 kids (ages 10 and under) in his fueling plan.

Never in his wildest dreams did Steffan imagine his efforts would gain much attention other than perhaps with small local news outlets, so he got a real kick out of Runner’s World reaching out for an interview, which we’ve included in the show notes.

Resources we discussed in the episode:

  • Runner's World article 
  • Favourite Mantra: Choose between what you want now and what you want most
  • Favourite Place to Run: Rural isolated gravel road
  • Bucket List Race: Athens Marathon, ultra in the Rockies
  • Favourite Running Book/Movie: Unbroken
  • Favourite Post Run Indulgence: Pizza, ice cream and salt & vinegar chips