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City Park Runners Owner | Jonathan Torchia

December 14, 2021 Carolyn Coffin and Kim Senechal Episode 64
Inspired Soles
City Park Runners Owner | Jonathan Torchia
Show Notes

Jonathan Torchia is one of the most energetic and passionate people you could ever meet, and fortunately for the Winnipeg running community he has directed a large chunk of his energy there. Not only is Jonathan a dedicated runner, he’s also a running store owner, race director, coach, pace bunny and philanthropist. Jonathan has been actively giving back to the Winnipeg running community ever since lacing up his own shoes for the first time in 2008, and now as a brand new co-owner of City Park Runners with his wife, Robyn, he has an even bigger platform to continue spreading the running love to our community and beyond.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Jonathan’s foray into running as an overweight ex-football player
  • Why he used to tuck himself away on the corner treadmill at the YMCA
  • What inspired him to start the Winnipeg Run Club and later the WFPS Run, now celebrating its 10th year
  • What he loves so much about coaching and helping others succeed
  • How he got cold feet before eventually purchasing City Park Runners this past summer
  • The funny story surrounding how he and Carolyn first met and 
  • A pretty big announcement about them joining forces thru City Park Run Coaching.

By the end of this conversation we think you’ll agree that Jonathan is doing precisely what he’s meant to be doing in this world. 

Connect with Jonathan and City Park Runners:

Connect with Kim & Carolyn:

Resources we discussed in the episode:

  • Favourite Mantra: Never give up
  • Favourite Place to Run: Wellington Crescent in Winnipeg 
  • Bucket List Race: Boston Marathon
  • Favourite Running Movies: Brittany Runs a Marathon; Patriots Day
  • Favourite Post Run Indulgence: A solid 15,000 calories of delicious food!

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