Redefining the Good Life

The one habit to build everything else on

October 08, 2020 Episode 5
Redefining the Good Life
The one habit to build everything else on
Show Notes

Last week was all about how the "evolutionary mismatch" is responsible for why you feel the way you do! 

Today we get very specific about how that might be playing out for you and the one foundational habit to start feeling better stat: a nutritious real food breakfast. 

And why is this important for the life you want to create? Think about it: you cannot create a resilient mind unless you have a resilient body. Recovering your energy is your no1 priority to create that stronger, more intentional version of you that has the courage to after their dreams. 

If you experience problems like: 
 👉 waking up tired
 👉 not being able to function without coffee ☕️☕️☕️
 👉 becoming ravenous in the late morning or feeling like a nap after lunch  
 👉 being short-tempered throughout the day (and/or the month)  
 👉 suffering from brain fog, just not feeling on top of your mental game  
 👉 having sleep troubles… etc etc

In short, if you're feeling anything less than your best on a DAILY BASIS, then you need to hear this episode. 

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is possibly the most impactful habit you can develop to start having more energy and being on a more even keel. 

And I leave you with one challenge to get started right away — will you take me up on it?


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