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Embracing Fear and Reinventing Midlife: 3 Ways Life Lessons Helped Me Overcome Failure

May 04, 2023 Wendy Battles Season 5 Episode 12
Reinvention Rebels
Embracing Fear and Reinventing Midlife: 3 Ways Life Lessons Helped Me Overcome Failure
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We all know the phrase "I had to learn it the hard way." 

But what can we learn about ourselves from difficult circumstances and life lessons?

Reflecting on personal failures can reveal growth and serve as a stepping stone to greater success.

I've experienced that first hand and I imagine you have your own version of how hard won lessons, though painful, ultimately helped you to grow.

In this second episode in my series on failure as a catalyst for success,  you'll hear:

✳️How we can learn valuable lessons from failure and how it can lead us in new directions
✳️ 3 powerful lessons I learned from my failure as a voice actor
✳️ How difficult lessons learned from voice acting helped pave the way for my success as a podcaster

I believe we should embrace the compelling concept of "doing it scared" and seize opportunities, even when fear tries to hold us back. We need to learn the lessons we need to learn for a reason.

Failure is never really failure.

It's creating the space for deep learning , personal growth and building our resilience muscle.

Listen to this episode and remind yourself that you too can reflect on the lessons from past failures, learn to appreciate the journey and pave the way to your future success.

Mentioned in the episode:

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