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Good Talk

Pete & Jordyn Wilson

Pete Wilson is the former pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in the country, but life took a drastic turn when he went through personal burnout and a divorce. Armed with a new awareness that failure is not final and that unconditional love can melt away destructive shame, he’s discovering the beauty and purpose of life again. He has remarried and is now partnering with his wife, Jordyn, for this new podcast. Good Talk exists to help people take their mind off the temporary and heavy, and remind them of the joy of life, the love of God, and the possibilities that lie ahead. If you’re interested in living a more meaningful life but you don’t really know where to start or maybe you’re interested in spirituality but you’ve been burned or feel intimated by traditional religion, then this podcast is for you. Each week Pete and Jordyn will share some amazing stories and introduce you to some inspiring people. They’ll share what they’re struggling with (even when it’s not pretty), challenge us to rethink some religious misconceptions we’ve held onto, and give us some practical strategies to live the life we’ve been created to live.