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Coming Home To Your Body | Tracy Brown RD

June 04, 2018 Rande Moss / Tracy Brown RD Season 1 Episode 25
Free Spirit Academy Podcast
Coming Home To Your Body | Tracy Brown RD
Show Notes



Some people just seem to be born for what they're doing and I feel that way about Tracy. She's been guiding people in healing from disordered eating and dieting for the last 12 years and it wasn't because she had a lifelong dream of doing this - it was because she couldn't find solutions for her own disordered eating struggles until she was at enough of a rock bottom that she sort of discovered them herself. We'll talk about that story right up front and of course she's had an incredible amount of training and skill-building since her initial discoveries but I found her journey so interesting because of that. She and I both agreed that talking to a therapist did us little if any good and it wasn't until we really got into an embodied EXPERIENCE that we really started to see shifts. What I find even more remarkable about Tracy's journey is that she embraced a non-diet, body positive approach before the phrases "intuitive eating" or "body positive" were really a thing.


You'll also hear us talk about...


...Ideas about "normal eating" and why becoming an intuitive eater might make you anything but normal.


...The idea that intuitive eating will lead to "perfect" eating and why that isn't true.


...How to decode thoughts like "I feel fat" and what they might REALLY mean.


...How to listen to the language of the body.


...and the differences between INTUITIVE eating and ATTUNED eating.


I hope you enjoy this conversation with Tracy Brown.


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