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35 | Aliyah Washington | Your Body Is On Your Side (Part 2)
October 01, 2018 Rande Moss / Aliyah Washington

Hello friends, just a heads up if you didn't catch last week's episode, this is part two and I definitely suggest listening to part one first. We'll be diving in right where we left off and these are some of the topics we go into:

...The power of admitting when what we are believing might not be true, and how not having all the answers doesn't equal being in pain all the time.

...The difference between surrender and apathy.

...Imagining your ideal body (not to manifest it somehow magically) but to experience a feeling of worthiness with which to move forward from.

...The difference between listening to your body from a place of pain and fear vs a place of worthiness.

...A fresh perspective on what disease is.

...A fresh perspective on the state of humanity right now.

...A very refreshing perspective on cleanses and detox diets.

...And how binge eating isn't actually self-sabotage.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this episode with Aliyah Washington.


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