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44 | Ally Canales | Getting to Know Your Body Through Pleasure

February 18, 2019 Rande Moss / Ally Canales Season 3 Episode 5
Free Spirit Academy Podcast
44 | Ally Canales | Getting to Know Your Body Through Pleasure
Show Notes

Before Free Spirit Academy was Free Spirit Academy I was trying to figure out how to transition from food blogging as a hobby to Eating Psychology Coaching as a career. And I'm pretty certain that if I hadn't worked with a coach I would have struggled a LOT longer than I did to create what I wanted to create. Coaching and mentorship is SO important in certain phases and I wanted to bring Ally on because she's not only a business coach - she has a background in ayurveda, and using sensual feminine embodiment practices to connect to our bodies so that our bodies can be GUIDES for us as we navigate our life and of course business if we have one.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to in this conversation:

...Ally and I talk about our unconventional takes on the "body positive" perspective and what we feel are some of the missing pieces.

...learning to love our bodies from the inside-out rather than starting on the outside and trying to force it. to address the shame that can come up when we're learning to care for our bodies and explore pleasure.

...what to do when you don't know what feels good in your body or what foods would feel good to eat. for connecting with your body.

...creating a sense of safety around making mistakes.

...emotions not being bad or negative, just messengers that are sometimes painful.

...and we explore the way our emotions naturally fluctuate and how each part of our female cycle has a different kind of medicine.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Ally Canales.

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