Finding Her: A Mental Health Podcast

EP 053: How to Stand Tall in Your Bravery

October 03, 2020 Julia Busby Season 3 Episode 53
Finding Her: A Mental Health Podcast
EP 053: How to Stand Tall in Your Bravery
Show Notes

On this week's episode of Finding Her, Julia continues on her journey of sharing tips, skills. strategies to help you continue to become more brave. This week the topic is how to stand tall in your bravery. She shared that external factors and things that are really out of our control, can impact your life creating a mass amount of unhealthy stress. Today's show is a lesson in identification, awareness, and a how to apply skills to stand up to the stress mess in your life.

Ideas or things to ponder from today's show:

Be flexible to the internet. There were many instances where the signal went in and out due to the quality of our internet signal. Sorry!

When we overpack our bags we are carrying around massive amounts of stress that can alter our mental and physical heath.

The vision and background to why I chose Kramer and connected him to stress and or lack of stress management.

Everyone's strengths are not uniform. 

How do we keep Kramer in the hallway- by increasing our skills and awareness in self management etc.

Identify 3 heavy bags your life. Julia shared her top three: Mental health, Work-Life Balance, and Communication.

Pack each bag with skills, tips, and or coping skills that meets your current need. 

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