Finding Her: A Mental Health Podcast

EP 052: We Are All Brave

September 26, 2020 Julia Busby
Finding Her: A Mental Health Podcast
EP 052: We Are All Brave
Show Notes

Welcome to season three of Finding Her! Julia introduces her audience to the real meaning behind the word BRAVE. She also uses examples from her life along with the current setting that many people around the world are experiencing. The dumpster fire we all have come to know as 2020. Throughout this episode, you will learn what it means to be brave and how we can work together to become more mindful to the instances in your life that you have already shined bravely. 

Julia also used humor along with the vision of Kramer busting through Jerry's front door to confront our efforts to build skills in self awareness, preventive mental health, and bravery to keep Kramer locked in the Hallway of Jerry's apartment. Humor is used and applied to teach new skills in awareness. 

How many bricks are you adding to your bag each day? Each week? Each year?

What issues are you struggling with because your bag is too heavy?

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