Finding Her: A Mental Health Podcast

EP 047: Tips for Combating the Depression Funk

July 07, 2020 Julia Busby Season 3 Episode 47
Finding Her: A Mental Health Podcast
EP 047: Tips for Combating the Depression Funk
Show Notes

After, a month long hiatus Julia returns to the show with a few tips to help combat depression. As she shared on her Instagram post last week, Julia made a statement " It's like 2020 took a big, fat, Juicy dump on our faces. Covid, death, unemployment, uncertainty, and now a civil rights movement have left many people in the US uncertain about the rest of the year. Will we have some sense of normalcy? What is going to happen next? Will my kids go back to school? 

Our mental health may continue to sink as we continue to stay home to be safe yet many of us are home alone feeling depressed and isolated from the people we care about. On this quick return episode, Julia shares a few tips to help with combating the depressed feelings you maybe experiencing. As with any show, Julia's tips are to be used as a tool for awareness and can be shared with your primary doctor or your therapist. 

Tips for Combating Depression/ Motivation

1. Get a good nights sleep ( 6-8 hours per night) CBD helps:) 

2. Get up and move your buns in the morning

3. Get in a nice hot shower to wake you up

4. Limit your errands/ make your list of to do's manageable

5. Listen to a good podcast or crank up some good tunes

6. Let the sunlight in and clean your area ( take a vitamin D supplement if you live in Gotham City)

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