Finding Her: A Mental Health Podcast

EP:057 Learn How to Move Through Failures

October 31, 2020 Julia Busby Season 3 Episode 57
Finding Her: A Mental Health Podcast
EP:057 Learn How to Move Through Failures
Show Notes

 Julia unleashes the topic of failure. She supplies her audience with tips on how to learn to move through them. She also talks about how important it is to remain focused on moving through feelings associated with failures instead of bottling them up forever. It is very important to acknowledge that we often stay in our comfort zones in hopes to avoid failures in our lives. Julia talks openly about how to face your feelings after a failure arises in your life.

Questions & Tips 

1. Why is it important to fail?

2. Accept your feelings that arrive with your failure and sit with them.

3. Learn from the situation. What did you see? What can you do differently next time? What things can I put in place next time to meet my goals?

4. Reach out to someone for support. Learn about their wins and fails. Get their perspective on your challenges and epic failure. 

Remember, all humans experience failures in their lives. The most important piece of moving through failures is to evaluate and look at your failure through a lens of construct so you can apply changes and try again when you are ready. Successful people in life have managed to use this as a way to grow personally and professionally.

We are not immune to failure, it is a part of everyday life.

Quotes from today's show:

" Failure can become our most powerful path to learning if we're willing to choose courage over comfort".- Brene Brown

" Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly." -Robert F. Kennedy

" Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement."- C.S. Lewis

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