Finding Her: A Mental Health Podcast

EP:066 Building Resilience to Avoid Burnout with Dr. Sharon Grossman

February 20, 2021 Julia Busby Season 3 Episode 66
Finding Her: A Mental Health Podcast
EP:066 Building Resilience to Avoid Burnout with Dr. Sharon Grossman
Show Notes

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For today's show, Julia introduces her community to Dr. Sharon Grossman. ( taken from her website).

Sharon is a qualified Success Coach, Clinical Psychologist, author, speaker, wife, and mother of two. For the past two decades, she has worked on improving the health and well-being of high achievers who so often sacrifice their self-care as a result of work demands and get caught up with everyone else’s expectations that they end up burning out at alarming rates. So when she started to experience overwhelm and burnout, the irony of the situation was not lost on her.

She, too, is a high achiever, so she naturally had a never-ending to-do list. Her brain is always coming up with more ideas. She would have too much on her mind, no direction, and would focus on unimportant items while forgetting about more important ones. It would feel like there was never enough time to do everything she wanted to do and she would end up feeling stressed.
Does this sound like any of you listeners out there?
Julia truly understands! 

Julia and Dr. Grossman talk about the difference between coaching and therapy. Dr. Grossman shared on her website and on the show:

Coaching taught me systems around organization, planning, and time management. Now, I am super clear about what I need to get done each week, I plan for it and I stick to my plans. As a result of my optimized performance and mindset practices, I get more done in less time, have replaced overwhelm with accomplishment, and most importantly - empower my clients to reach their potential.

Through the integration of psychology and mindfulness, I’ve created a comprehensive and transformative program that teaches stressed-out high achievers how to effectively navigate their work and personal life so they can thrive. I love that my work inspires them to think BIGGER, feel more grounded, and handle challenging situations with ease.

Book a call with her on her  WEBSITE HERE. (

****Dr. Sharon Grossman is the author of The 7E Solution to Burnout and an Emotional Intelligence expert. She holds a doctorate degree in Psychology, has extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and 20 years of experience helping her clients take back control of their lives.


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