The Stoic Jew

500 Days of Gratitude (Epictetus - Discourses 3:12, Aurelius - Meditations 5:20, 10:16)

November 23, 2022 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 10 Episode 10
The Stoic Jew
500 Days of Gratitude (Epictetus - Discourses 3:12, Aurelius - Meditations 5:20, 10:16)
Show Notes

Synopsis: Today marks the 500th day of my gratitude journal, and since this happens to fall out on Erev Thanksgiving, I figured I’d make a Thanksgiving episode in which I discuss the benefits – nay, the NECESSITY – of a gratitude accountability practice, and reflect on some of the more recent benefits I’ve gained from this habit. If you’re interested in listening to other episodes about gratitude and Thanksgiving, I’ve linked most (if not all) of them in the show notes. Happy Thanksgiving!

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- Epictetus, Discourses 3:1
- Rambam: Mishneh Torah, Sefer Ahavah, Hilchos Berachos 10:26
- Mishlei 23:12
- Devarim 8:10-18
- Aurelius, Meditations 5:20; 10:16
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