What Makes You Click with Kelvin Bulluck

Dana Kinlaw

July 02, 2021 Dana Kinlaw Season 2 Episode 4
What Makes You Click with Kelvin Bulluck
Dana Kinlaw
Show Notes

On this episode of What Makes You Click, Kelvin welcomes Dana Kinlaw, an award-winning Art Director with over 13+ years of experience in the entertainment industry, specializing in motion graphics VFX and photography. Dana breaks down what an art director does and how they work with photographers to create stunning images and videos. He also speaks on why he’s taking the leap and pursuing his ultimate entrepreneurial vision for his photography and art directing career. 


You’ll gain insight into Dana’s childhood and what shaped him into a hardworking creative, as well as how he started expressing himself through art as a kid. He sheds light on how photography has been a huge part of his family’s history, what it was like to discover graphic design on an old-school computer, and why he took photography classes in community college. Dana then talks about what it was like to work and develop his skills as a staff designer for Comedy Central and his transition from staff designer to art director, landing a leading role rebranding BET Networks. 

Plus, he talks about what it means to “shoot for the gallery” and his candid thoughts when someone says people of color are “hard to shoot”. 

About the Guest:

Dana got his start as a freelance motion designer, then became a staff designer with Comedy Central. After five incredible years, Dana moved on to BET Networks to play a leading role in its on-air creative rebrand. In 2012, he was promoted to Art Director and has since overseen the various promo campaigns, pitches, and tent poles including the network Upfront, BET Awards, Hip Hop Awards and record-breaking original programming. 

He's still hands-on, continually sharpening his eye for design, animation, and composition while capturing the world through his photography.


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