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SPARK | Relationship + Sexual Wellness

Meghna Mahambrey, M.Ed., Ph.D.

Our physical and psychological health are closely tied to the quality of our love lives. Yet we aren't born with inherent knowledge and skills to successfully navigate the complexities of modern relationships. We stumble around, learning what we know through friends, family, culture, religion - and Google, of course. Founder of SPARK Relationship + Sexual Wellness and award-winning instructor Dr. Meghna Mahambrey has taught college courses for over a decade, presented original research at national conferences, was featured in Psychology Today, gave a popular TED talk titled 'Birds & Bees: Rethinking Relationship and Sexuality Education' and earned her doctoral degree focusing on romantic relationships, sexual satisfaction, and the evolution of marriage. Meghna's mission with SPARK is to bridge the gap between research and real life, educating the community on matters close to their hearts (and hips). In this educational and entertaining podcast, she interviews a variety of guests on compelling relationship and sexuality topics in an effort to help listeners nurture happy, healthy relationships. Whether you're single, dating, engaged, married, or divorced, the SPARK podcast is perfect for you.