Simplify Your Healing

#31 The Story Your Body is Trying to Tell You

February 11, 2022 Jenny Peterson Season 2 Episode 31
Simplify Your Healing
#31 The Story Your Body is Trying to Tell You
Show Notes

If your symptoms could talk, what would they say?

Better yet, if your blood work told you the stories that are connected to your symptoms, would you then listen?

Modern medicine has resulted in an estrangement from our own bodies. Our own internal wisdom. 

We look to the experts to tell us what we should know and expect, but the sense of security we derive from this is short-lived. Instead, we are left feeling suspicious of every ache, pain, rash, or whatever doesn’t feel right in our body.  We live in fear of getting a cough, a cancer diagnosis, or the flu. 

We have drifted so far away from understanding our own bodies' survival. We look to nature and can see that survival is programmed into it, yet we don’t see it within our own body. 

Your body is trying to communicate to you. It has a message for you, a story that is rooted in survival. What if I told you that if you identify this story or stories, most of your problems, including your chronic health conditions would go away? 

No, I’m not selling you a line, it's true. 

In today's episode I explain what it means to identify the story your body, your chronic symptoms, are trying to tell you and share one of the stories that my body gave me through one of my chronic symptoms.