Simplify Your Healing

#42 What is a Hanging Healing?

November 03, 2022 Jenny Peterson Season 2 Episode 42
Simplify Your Healing
#42 What is a Hanging Healing?
Show Notes

I have many people say to me, Jenny I have de-stressed my life, I trust that my body can heal, I’ve tried it all, so why aren’t my symptoms going away? 

Or why are my symptoms going away and then coming back? 

In either of these cases, whether you have symptoms that don’t go away or symptoms that come and go, you are in what is called a hanging healing. 

This is where your body is attempting to heal but the healing process keeps getting interrupted. 

In today's episode I go into depth about what a hanging healing is and why it's at the root of chronic symptoms. 

Most people with chronic symptoms are overwhelmed with trying to heal. At MBR we simplify healing by focusing on one area, the subconscious mind, so your body can focus on healing, and you can get back to living.

Thanks for listening!