Simplify Your Healing

#51- 5 Ways to Stop Negative Thoughts

March 10, 2023 Jenny Peterson Season 3 Episode 51
Simplify Your Healing
#51- 5 Ways to Stop Negative Thoughts
Show Notes

Do you ever feel like your brain doesn’t shut off and you have this loop of negative thoughts that keeps playing over and over? Like a broken record. 

Well you are not alone. 

Those with chronic symptoms have a tendency to have this record playing all the time. 

While it may feel like you can’t control it or stop them, there are ways that you can take control and no longer let these thoughts take you down the rabbit hole. 

In today's episode I will talk about where negative thoughts come from and what you can do about them, so they are no longer consuming your days and affecting your health, life and healing. 

Most people with chronic symptoms are overwhelmed with trying to heal. At MBR we simplify healing by focusing on one area, the subconscious mind, so your body can focus on healing, and you can get back to living.

Thanks for listening!