Simplify Your Healing

#16: Root Cause to Illness & Symptoms

June 10, 2021 Jenny
Simplify Your Healing
#16: Root Cause to Illness & Symptoms
Show Notes

In this episode I’m going to give you a whole new perspective on where illness starts. German New Medicine is an entirely new paradigm about your symptoms and diseases, why you have them, how you got them, what their natural progression is, and how they will naturally resolve. 

Let me say right up front: This isn’t information you're going to get from a healthcare provider or even a holistic health practitioner.

But, if you're open to learning outside the box, then I think this info will be intriguing. But more than intriguing, I would say that its also going to be mind blowing. Be prepared to have your mind blown!

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • Where illness starts
  • Why symptoms become chronic
  • The truth about viruses, bacteria and fungus
  • About the doctor and science behind the amazing German New Medicine

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