Nurse Wellness Podcast

Are You A Change Agent? Dr. Vanessa Bolling with Wendy

January 26, 2022
Nurse Wellness Podcast
Are You A Change Agent? Dr. Vanessa Bolling with Wendy
Show Notes

Dr. Vanessa Bolling is a Board- Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with over 12 years of diverse nursing experience who’s expanded her educational reach to serve as an adjunct faculty for the University of Connecticut’s Family Nurse Practitioner program. Dr. Vanessa offers preventative care and chronic disease management services in a city- based primary care office for patients and families across the lifespan. 

In response to declining population health over the years, Dr. Vanessa has pivoted her focus from just treating the disease process to unpacking the mindset and behaviors contributing to worsening disease processes. “If you deal with the root, you can change the fruit!” With this principle guiding her practice, she’s witnessed improvement and resolution of many medical conditions. 

Her preventative care passion led to the founding of Kingdom Health Connections, a health promotion resource platform used to raise awareness, empowering individuals in “choosing life”, and the basics of maintaining a healthy life- soul, body, and spirit. Through Kingdom Health Connections, the culture of health and wellness is cultivated for the individual, family, and community. 

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